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1. Req: Charles Ray - Al Pennyback mysteries (33 Book Series)Ean a.b.ebook123d
2. Req: Kirsten Jones - Isle Of Dreams (10 Book Series)Ean a.b.ebook183d
3. Req: A Gardner - Southern Psychic Sisters Mysteries (6 Book Series)Ean a.b.ebook188d
4. Req: Veronica Singer - Lycan Legacy (4 Book Series)Ean a.b.ebook429d
5. Req: Michelle Madow - Dark World: The Faerie Games Series (2 books) :- The Faerie Pawn and The Faerie MatesEan a.b.ebook466d
6. Can anyone recommend an Epub reading app for Kindle Fire HD 8 (7th Gen)Ean a.b.ebook580d

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