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The posts below were posted a long time ago.
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1. "The Refreshments-BestOfRock'N'RollX-mas -20 - White Christmas.flac"yEnc (1/37)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
2. "The Refreshments-BestOfRock'N'RollX-mas -19 - Christmas Must be Tonight.flac"yEnc (1/40)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
3. "The Refreshments-BestOfRock'N'RollX-mas -18 - The Billy Goat.flac"yEnc (1/50)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
4. "The Refreshments-BestOfRock'N'RollX-mas -17 - I Can't Have a Merry Christmas.flac"yEnc (1/45)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
5. "The Refreshments-BestOfRock'N'RollX-mas -16 - She's In Love With Christmas.flac"yEnc (1/41)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
6. "The Refreshments-BestOfRock'N'RollX-mas -15 - I Want A New Baby For Christmas.flac"yEnc (1/32)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
7. "The Refreshments-BestOfRock'N'RollX-mas -14 - Jingle Bell Rock.flac"yEnc (1/26)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
8. "The Refreshments-BestOfRock'N'RollX-mas -13 - Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me.flac"yEnc (1/31)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
9. "The Refreshments-BestOfRock'N'RollX-mas -12 - Run Rudolph Run.flac"yEnc (1/50)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
10. "The Refreshments-BestOfRock'N'RollX-mas -11 - The Time I Miss You The Most.flac"yEnc (1/55)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
11. "The Refreshments-BestOfRock'N'RollX-mas -10 - I'm The Real Santa.flac"yEnc (1/40)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
12. "The Refreshments-BestOfRock'N'RollX-mas -09 - At Christmas Time.flac"yEnc (1/39)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
13. "The Refreshments-BestOfRock'N'RollX-mas -08 - Merry X-Mas Everybody.flac"yEnc (1/42)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
14. "The Refreshments-BestOfRock'N'RollX-mas -07 - Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy.flac"yEnc (1/28)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
15. "The Refreshments-BestOfRock'N'RollX-mas -06 - Blue Christmas.flac"yEnc (1/32)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
16. "The Refreshments-BestOfRock'N'RollX-mas -05 - Santa's Gonna Rock.flac"yEnc (1/47)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
17. "The Refreshments-BestOfRock'N'RollX-mas -03 - What A Merry Christmas This Could Be.flac"yEnc (1/41)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
18. "The Refreshments-BestOfRock'N'RollX-mas -04 - Rock'n Roll X-Mas.flac"yEnc (1/48)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
19. "The Refreshments-BestOfRock'N'RollX-mas -00 - Scans.rar"yEnc (1/13)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
20. "The Refreshments-BestOfRock'N'RollX-mas -02 - The X-Mas Race.flac"yEnc (1/43)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
21. "The Refreshments-BestOfRock'N'RollX-mas.nzb"yEnc (1/1)
collection size: 51.23 MB, parts available: 91 / 91
- 8 par2 files
- 1 nzb file
[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
22. "The Refreshments-BestOfRock'N'RollX-mas -01 - Christmas Wishes.flac"yEnc (1/46)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
23. "Tony Trischka-Glory Shone Around -16 - Auld Lang Syne.flac"yEnc (1/4)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
24. "Tony Trischka-Glory Shone Around -15 - Banjo Cheer.flac"yEnc (1/32)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
25. "Tony Trischka-Glory Shone Around -14 - Sherburne (Glory Shone Around).flac"yEnc (1/18)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
26. "Tony Trischka-Glory Shone Around -13 - Child Of God.flac"yEnc (1/21)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
27. "Tony Trischka-Glory Shone Around -12 - Calling The Children.flac"yEnc (1/31)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
28. "Tony Trischka-Glory Shone Around -11 - Sleigh Ride.flac"yEnc (1/42)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
29. "Tony Trischka-Glory Shone Around -10 - A Christmas Carol.flac"yEnc (1/15)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
30. "Tony Trischka-Glory Shone Around -09 - Deck The Halls.flac"yEnc (1/16)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
31. "Tony Trischka-Glory Shone Around -08 - Precious Child.flac"yEnc (1/37)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
32. "Tony Trischka-Glory Shone Around -07 - O Come All Ye Faithful.flac"yEnc (1/22)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
33. "Tony Trischka-Glory Shone Around -06 - Angels We Have Heard On High.flac"yEnc (1/33)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
34. "Tony Trischka-Glory Shone Around -05 - Good King Wenceslas.flac"yEnc (1/17)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
35. "Tony Trischka-Glory Shone Around -04 - It Came Upon A Midnight Clear.flac"yEnc (1/7)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
36. "Tony Trischka-Glory Shone Around -03 - Hurry Little Children, Christmas Morn.flac"yEnc (1/17)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
37. "Tony Trischka-Glory Shone Around -02 - Christmas Eve.flac"yEnc (1/18)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
38. "Tony Trischka-Glory Shone Around -01 - Winter.flac"yEnc (1/10)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
39. "Tony Trischka-Glory Shone Around -00 Scans.rar"yEnc (1/16)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
40. "Tony Trischka-Glory Shone Around.nzb"yEnc (1/1)
collection size: 21.88 MB, parts available: 43 / 43
- 7 par2 files
- 1 nzb file
[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
41. "Tinsel Tunes - 14 Robert Earl Keen - Merry Christmas From The Family.flac"yEnc (1/47)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
42. "Tinsel Tunes - 13 Chesapeake - Christmas Swing.flac"yEnc (1/43)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
43. "Tinsel Tunes - 12 Don Dixon & Marti Jones - Ever Day Will Be Like A Holiday.flac"yEnc (1/27)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
44. "Tinsel Tunes - 11 The Fairfield Four & NBB - The Last Month Of The Year.flac"yEnc (1/32)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
45. "Tinsel Tunes - 10 Psychograss - On A Quiet Night.flac"yEnc (1/33)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
46. "Tinsel Tunes - 09 Brother Boys - I'll Be Home For Christmas.flac"yEnc (1/31)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
47. "Tinsel Tunes - 08 Chris Thile - Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella.flac"yEnc (1/40)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
48. "Tinsel Tunes - 07 Laurel Canyon Ramblers, The - Christmas Is Coming To Town.flac"yEnc (1/27)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
49. "Tinsel Tunes - 06 Kathy Kallick & The Little Big Band - Ring The Bells At Midnight.flac"yEnc (1/32)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
50. "Tinsel Tunes - 05 Lonesome River Band - All I Want Is Mary For Christmas.flac"yEnc (1/27)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
51. "Tinsel Tunes - 04 Nashville Bluegrass Band - Christmas Story.flac"yEnc (1/31)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
52. "Tinsel Tunes - 03 Molly O'Brien - In The Bleak Midwinter.flac"yEnc (1/36)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
53. "Tinsel Tunes - 01 Chris Hillman & Herb Petersen - Blue Christmas Lights.flac"yEnc (1/24)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
54. "Tinsel Tunes - 02 Sam Bush - Sleigh Ride.flac"yEnc (1/37)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
55. "Tinsel Tunes - 00 Tinsel Tunes"yEnc (1/14)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
56. "Tinsel Tunes.nzb"yEnc (1/1)
collection size: 29.98 MB, parts available: 56 / 56
- 7 par2 files
- 1 nzb file
[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
57. "The Statler Brothers-Christmas Card -11 - A Christmas Medley Silent Night O Holy Night First Noel, The It Came Upon The Midnight Clear Silent Night.flac"yEnc (1/65)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
58. "The Statler Brothers-Christmas Card -10 - The Carols Those Kids Used To Sing.flac"yEnc (1/28)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
59. "The Statler Brothers-Christmas Card -09 - Something You Can't Buy.flac"yEnc (1/33)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
60. "The Statler Brothers-Christmas Card -08 - Away In A Manger.flac"yEnc (1/24)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
61. "The Statler Brothers-Christmas Card -07 - Who Do You Think.flac"yEnc (1/28)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
62. "The Statler Brothers-Christmas Card -06 - Christmas To Me.flac"yEnc (1/40)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
63. "The Statler Brothers-Christmas Card -05 - White Christmas.flac"yEnc (1/23)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
64. "The Statler Brothers-Christmas Card -04 - I Never Spend A Christmas That I Don't Think Of You.flac"yEnc (1/26)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
65. "The Statler Brothers-Christmas Card -03 - Jingle Bells.flac"yEnc (1/29)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
66. "The Statler Brothers-Christmas Card.nzb"yEnc (1/1)
collection size: 22.49 MB, parts available: 44 / 44
- 7 par2 files
- 1 nzb file
[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
67. "The Statler Brothers-Christmas Card -02 - I'll Be Home For Christmas.flac"yEnc (1/37)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
68. "The Statler Brothers-Christmas Card -01 - I Believe In Santa's Cause.flac"yEnc (1/26)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
69. "The Statler Brothers-Christmas Card -00 - Scans .rar"yEnc (1/8)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac60d
70. "Mama's Hungry Eyes 13 Emmylou Harris - Mama's Hungry Eyes.flac"yEnc (1/34)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
71. "Mama's Hungry Eyes 12 Willie Nelson - Today I Started Loving You Again.flac"yEnc (1/35)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
72. "Mama's Hungry Eyes 11 John Anderson & Marty Stuart - Mama Tried.flac"yEnc (1/33)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
73. "Mama's Hungry Eyes 10 Lorrie Morgan - I Threw Away The Rose.flac"yEnc (1/38)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
74. "Mama's Hungry Eyes 09 Alan Jackson - Trying Not To Love You.flac"yEnc (1/39)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
75. "Mama's Hungry Eyes 08 Alabama - Sing Me Back Home.flac"yEnc (1/29)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
76. "Mama's Hungry Eyes 07 Radney Foster - The Running Kind.flac"yEnc (1/53)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
77. "Mama's Hungry Eyes 06 Diamond Rio, Lee Roy Parnell & Steve Wariner - Workin' Man's Blues.flac"yEnc (1/61)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
78. "Mama's Hungry Eyes 05 Vince Gill - The Farmer's Daughter.flac"yEnc (1/50)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
79. "Mama's Hungry Eyes 04 Randy Travis - Everybody's Had The Blues.flac"yEnc (1/36)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
80. "Mama's Hungry Eyes 03 Pam Tillis - Silver Wings.flac"yEnc (1/50)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
81. "Mama's Hungry Eyes .nzb"yEnc (1/1)
collection size: 86.93 KB, parts available: 2 / 2
- 1 par2 file
- 1 nzb file
[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
82. "Mama's Hungry Eyes 00 Scans.rar"yEnc (1/28)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
83. "Mama's Hungry Eyes 01 Brooks & Dunn - Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down.flac"yEnc (1/37)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
84. "Mama's Hungry Eyes 02 Clint Black - I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am.flac"yEnc (1/41)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
85. "Mama's Hungry Eyes 00 Notes.txt"yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
86. "Tulare Dust 15 Dave Alvin - Kern River.flac"yEnc (1/36)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
87. "Tulare Dust 14 John Doe - I Can't Hold Myself In Line.flac"yEnc (1/33)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
88. "Tulare Dust 13 Katy Moffatt - I Can't Be Myself.flac"yEnc (1/34)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
89. "Tulare Dust 12 Billy Joe Shaver - Ramblin' Fever.flac"yEnc (1/45)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
90. "Tulare Dust 11 Lucinda Williams - You Don't Have Very Far To Go.flac"yEnc (1/29)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
91. "Tulare Dust 10 Barrence Whitfield - Irma Jackson.flac"yEnc (1/31)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
92. "Tulare Dust 09 Marshall Crenshaw - Silver Wings.flac"yEnc (1/40)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
93. "Tulare Dust 08 Steve Young - Shopping For Dresses.flac"yEnc (1/35)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
94. "Tulare Dust 07 Rosie Flores - My Own Kind Of Hat.flac"yEnc (1/28)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
95. "Tulare Dust 06 Joe Ely - White Line Fever.flac"yEnc (1/51)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
96. "Tulare Dust 05 Robert Earl Keen & The Sunshine Boys - Daddy Frank.flac"yEnc (1/46)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
97. "Tulare Dust 04 Dwight Yoakam - Holding Things Together.flac"yEnc (1/26)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
98. "Tulare Dust 03 Peter Case - A Working Man Can't Get Nowhere Today.flac"yEnc (1/43)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
99. "Tulare Dust 02 Iris Dement - Big City.flac"yEnc (1/30)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
100. "Tulare Dust 01 Tom Russell - Tulare Dust;They're Tearin' the Labor Camps Down.flac"yEnc (1/37)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
101. "Tulare Dust 00 Scans.rar"yEnc (1/15)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
102. "Tulare Dust 00 Notes.txt"yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
103. "Tulare Dust .nzb"yEnc (1/1)
collection size: 87.01 KB, parts available: 2 / 2
- 1 par2 file
- 1 nzb file
[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac191d
104. "Buck Owens-Collection-321 Act Naturally (with Ringo Starr).flac"yEnc (1/35)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
105. "Buck Owens-Collection-320 Hot Dog.flac"yEnc (1/28)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
106. "Buck Owens-Collection-319 Streets Of Bakersfield (with Dwight Yoakam).flac"yEnc (1/35)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
107. "Buck Owens-Collection-318 Play Together Again Again (with Emmylou Harris).flac"yEnc (1/29)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
108. "Buck Owens-Collection-317 It's A Monster's Holiday.flac"yEnc (1/32)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
109. "Buck Owens-Collection-316 On The Cover Of The Music City News.flac"yEnc (1/28)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
110. "Buck Owens-Collection-315 Big Game Hunter.flac"yEnc (1/27)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
111. "Buck Owens-Collection-314 Streets Of Bakersfield.flac"yEnc (1/32)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
112. "Buck Owens-Collection-313 Ain't It Amazing, Gracie.flac"yEnc (1/26)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
113. "Buck Owens-Collection-312 You Ain't Gonna Have Ol' Buck to Kick Around No More.flac"yEnc (1/28)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
114. "Buck Owens-Collection-311 Made In Japan.flac"yEnc (1/32)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
115. "Buck Owens-Collection-310 I'll Still Be Waiting For You.flac"yEnc (1/26)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
116. "Buck Owens-Collection-309 Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms.flac"yEnc (1/29)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
117. "Buck Owens-Collection-308 Ruby (Are You Mad).flac"yEnc (1/30)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
118. "Buck Owens-Collection-307 Bridge Over Troubled Water.flac"yEnc (1/29)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
119. "Buck Owens-Collection-306 I Wouldn't Live In New York City (If They Gave Me The Whole Dang Town).flac"yEnc (1/34)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
120. "Buck Owens-Collection-305 The Great White Horse.flac"yEnc (1/41)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
121. "Buck Owens-Collection-304 The Kansas City Song.flac"yEnc (1/27)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
122. "Buck Owens-Collection-303 We're Gonna Get Together.flac"yEnc (1/26)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
123. "Buck Owens-Collection-302 Big In Vegas.flac"yEnc (1/35)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
124. "Buck Owens-Collection-301 Tall Dark Stranger.flac"yEnc (1/34)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
125. "Buck Owens-Collection-300-Disc3 Scans.rar"yEnc (1/11)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
126. "Buck Owens-Collection-220 Johnny B. Goode.flac"yEnc (1/30)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
127. "Buck Owens-Collection-219 Who's Gonna Mow Your Grass.flac"yEnc (1/28)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
128. "Buck Owens-Collection-218 I've Got You On My Mind Again.flac"yEnc (1/28)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
129. "Buck Owens-Collection-217 Let The Whole World Keep On A Turnin'.flac"yEnc (1/24)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
130. "Buck Owens-Collection-216 Sweet Rosie Jones.flac"yEnc (1/39)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
131. "Buck Owens-Collection-215 How Long Will My Baby Be Gone.flac"yEnc (1/26)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
132. "Buck Owens-Collection-214 It Takes People Like You (To Make People Like Me).flac"yEnc (1/23)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
133. "Buck Owens-Collection-213 Your Tender Loving Care.flac"yEnc (1/29)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
134. "Buck Owens-Collection-212 Sam's Place.flac"yEnc (1/24)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
135. "Buck Owens-Collection-211 Open Up Your Heart.flac"yEnc (1/28)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
136. "Buck Owens-Collection-210 Think Of Me.flac"yEnc (1/26)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
137. "Buck Owens-Collection-209 Dust On Mother's Bible.flac"yEnc (1/38)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
138. "Buck Owens-Collection-208 Waitin' In Your Welfare Line.flac"yEnc (1/27)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
139. "Buck Owens-Collection-207 Buckaroo.flac"yEnc (1/24)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
140. "Buck Owens-Collection-206 Gonna Have Love.flac"yEnc (1/23)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
141. "Buck Owens-Collection-205 Only You (Can Break My Heart).flac"yEnc (1/26)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
142. "Buck Owens-Collection-204 Before You Go.flac"yEnc (1/24)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
143. "Buck Owens-Collection-203 Memphis.flac"yEnc (1/29)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
144. "Buck Owens-Collection-202 Cryin' Time.flac"yEnc (1/27)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
145. "Buck Owens-Collection-201 I've Got A Tiger By The Tail.flac"yEnc (1/26)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
146. "Buck Owens-Collection-200-Disc2 Scans.rar"yEnc (1/12)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
147. "Buck Owens-Collection-121 Buck's Polka.flac"yEnc (1/23)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
148. "Buck Owens-Collection-120 I Don't Care (Just As Long As You Love Me).flac"yEnc (1/25)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
149. "Buck Owens-Collection-119 A-11.flac"yEnc (1/25)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
150. "Buck Owens-Collection-118 Hello Trouble.flac"yEnc (1/21)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
151. "Buck Owens-Collection-117 Close Up The Honky Tonks.flac"yEnc (1/31)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
152. "Buck Owens-Collection-116 Together Again.flac"yEnc (1/25)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
153. "Buck Owens-Collection-115 My Heart Skips A Beat.flac"yEnc (1/29)chattanooga[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
154. "Buck Owens-Collection-114 Love's Gonna Live Here.flac"yEnc (1/23)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
155. "Buck Owens-Collection-113 Act Naturally.flac"yEnc (1/27)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
156. "Buck Owens-Collection-112 You're For Me.flac"yEnc (1/26)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
157. "Buck Owens-Collection-111 Kickin' Our Hearts Around.flac"yEnc (1/30)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
158. "Buck Owens-Collection-110 Save The Last Dance For Me.flac"yEnc (1/27)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
159. "Buck Owens-Collection-109 Nobody's Fool But Yours.flac"yEnc (1/29)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
160. "Buck Owens-Collection-108 Under The Influence Of Your Love.flac"yEnc (1/26)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
161. "Buck Owens-Collection-107 Mental Cruelty.flac"yEnc (1/27)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
162. "Buck Owens-Collection-106 Loose Talk.flac"yEnc (1/29)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
163. "Buck Owens-Collection-105 Foolin' Around.flac"yEnc (1/30)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
164. "Buck Owens-Collection-104 Excuse Me (I Think I've Got A Heartache).flac"yEnc (1/27)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
165. "Buck Owens-Collection-103 Above & Beyond.flac"yEnc (1/27)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
166. "Buck Owens-Collection-102 Under Your Spell Again.flac"yEnc (1/31)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
167. "Buck Owens-Collection-000-BoxScans.rar"yEnc (1/26)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
168. "Buck Owens-Collection-.nzb"yEnc (1/1)
collection size: 113.2 MB, parts available: 192 / 192
- 10 par2 files
- 1 nzb file
[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
169. "Buck Owens-Collection-000-BoxSetNotes.txt"yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
170. "Buck Owens-Collection-100-Disc1 Scans.rar"yEnc (1/11)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
171. "Buck Owens-Collection-101 Second Fiddle.flac"yEnc (1/24)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac195d
172. "Rita Coolidge-InsideTheFire-10 Love Is Muddy Water.flac"yEnc (1/41)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
173. "Rita Coolidge-InsideTheFire-09 Survivor.flac"yEnc (1/39)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
174. "Rita Coolidge-InsideTheFire-08 Love From Tokyo.flac"yEnc (1/45)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
175. "Rita Coolidge-InsideTheFire-07 Something Said Love.flac"yEnc (1/43)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
176. "Rita Coolidge-InsideTheFire-06 I'm Coming Home.flac"yEnc (1/50)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
177. "Rita Coolidge-InsideTheFire-05 Wishing Star.flac"yEnc (1/42)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
178. "Rita Coolidge-InsideTheFire-04 Games.flac"yEnc (1/41)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
179. "Rita Coolidge-InsideTheFire-03 I Can't Afford That Feeling Anymore.flac"yEnc (1/43)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
180. "Rita Coolidge-InsideTheFire-02 Do You Believe In Love.flac"yEnc (1/38)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
181. "Rita Coolidge-InsideTheFire-01 Hit Me On The Loveside.flac"yEnc (1/51)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
182. "Rita Coolidge-InsideTheFire.nzb"yEnc (1/1)
collection size: 28.1 MB, parts available: 53 / 53
- 7 par2 files
- 1 nzb file
[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
183. "Rita Coolidge-NeverLetYouGo-10 We've Got Tonight.flac"yEnc (1/48)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
184. "Rita Coolidge-NeverLetYouGo-09 You Ought To Be With Me.flac"yEnc (1/40)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
185. "Rita Coolidge-NeverLetYouGo-08 Do You Really Want To Hurt Me.flac"yEnc (1/48)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
186. "Rita Coolidge-NeverLetYouGo-07 Fools In Love.flac"yEnc (1/43)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
187. "Rita Coolidge-NeverLetYouGo-06 You Do It.flac"yEnc (1/40)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
188. "Rita Coolidge-NeverLetYouGo-05 Only You.flac"yEnc (1/35)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
189. "Rita Coolidge-NeverLetYouGo-04 Shadow In The Night.flac"yEnc (1/39)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
190. "Rita Coolidge-NeverLetYouGo-03 Stop Wasting Your Time.flac"yEnc (1/51)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
191. "Rita Coolidge-NeverLetYouGo-02 Tempted.flac"yEnc (1/49)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
192. "Rita Coolidge-NeverLetYouGo-01 I'll Never Let You Go.flac"yEnc (1/55)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
193. "Rita Coolidge-NeverLetYouGo-00-Notes.txt"yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
194. "Rita Coolidge-NeverLetYouGo.nzb"yEnc (1/1)
collection size: 28.73 MB, parts available: 54 / 54
- 7 par2 files
- 1 nzb file
[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
195. "Rita Coolidge-HeartbreakRadio-11 Take It Home.flac"yEnc (1/33)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
196. "Rita Coolidge-HeartbreakRadio-10 Stranger To Me Now.flac"yEnc (1/52)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
197. "Rita Coolidge-HeartbreakRadio-09 Basic Lady.flac"yEnc (1/36)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
198. "Rita Coolidge-HeartbreakRadio-08 Hold On (I Feel Our Love Is Changing).flac"yEnc (1/49)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
199. "Rita Coolidge-HeartbreakRadio-07 I Did My Part.flac"yEnc (1/50)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
200. "Rita Coolidge-HeartbreakRadio-06 Man & A Woman.flac"yEnc (1/38)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
201. "Rita Coolidge-HeartbreakRadio-05 Heartbreak Radio.flac"yEnc (1/48)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
202. "Rita Coolidge-HeartbreakRadio-04 Wishin' & Hopin'.flac"yEnc (1/42)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
203. "Rita Coolidge-HeartbreakRadio-03 The Closer You Get.flac"yEnc (1/50)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
204. "Rita Coolidge-HeartbreakRadio-02 One More Heartache.flac"yEnc (1/38)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
205. "Rita Coolidge-HeartbreakRadio-01 Walk On In.flac"yEnc (1/38)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
206. "Rita Coolidge-HeartbreakRadio.nzb"yEnc (1/1)
collection size: 30.6 MB, parts available: 57 / 57
- 7 par2 files
- 1 nzb file
[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
207. "Rita Coolidge-Satisfied-09 Can She Keep You Satisfied.flac"yEnc (1/42)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
208. "Rita Coolidge-Satisfied-08 Crime Of Passion.flac"yEnc (1/46)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
209. "Rita Coolidge-Satisfied-07 Sweet Emotion.flac"yEnc (1/41)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
210. "Rita Coolidge-Satisfied-06 I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love.flac"yEnc (1/33)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
211. "Rita Coolidge-Satisfied-05 Pain Of Love.flac"yEnc (1/40)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
212. "Rita Coolidge-Satisfied-04 Let's Go Dancin' Baby.flac"yEnc (1/52)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
213. "Rita Coolidge-Satisfied-02 The Fool In Me.flac"yEnc (1/43)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
214. "Rita Coolidge-Satisfied-03 Trust It All To Somebody.flac"yEnc (1/43)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
215. "Rita Coolidge-Satisfied.nzb"yEnc (1/1)
collection size: 25.61 MB, parts available: 49 / 49
- 7 par2 files
- 1 nzb file
[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
216. "Rita Coolidge-Satisfied-01 One Fine Day.flac"yEnc (1/43)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
217. "Rita Coolidge-LoveMeAgain-10 Songbird.flac"yEnc (1/31)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
218. "Rita Coolidge-LoveMeAgain-09 You're So Fine.flac"yEnc (1/35)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
219. "Rita Coolidge-LoveMeAgain-08 Hello Love, Goodbye.flac"yEnc (1/38)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
220. "Rita Coolidge-LoveMeAgain-07 The Jealous Kind.flac"yEnc (1/49)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
221. "Rita Coolidge-LoveMeAgain-06 Bye Bye, Love.flac"yEnc (1/35)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
222. "Rita Coolidge-LoveMeAgain-05 It Justs Keeps You Dancing.flac"yEnc (1/36)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
223. "Rita Coolidge-LoveMeAgain-04 Love Me Again.flac"yEnc (1/36)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
224. "Rita Coolidge-LoveMeAgain-03 Sweet Inspiration.flac"yEnc (1/33)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
225. "Rita Coolidge-LoveMeAgain-01 You.flac"yEnc (1/37)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
226. "Rita Coolidge-LoveMeAgain-02 Slow Dancer.flac"yEnc (1/42)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
227. "Rita Coolidge-Repost-(Corrected-stereo).txt"yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
228. "Rita Coolidge-LoveMeAgain.nzb"yEnc (1/1)
collection size: 23.74 MB, parts available: 46 / 46
- 7 par2 files
- 1 nzb file
[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac217d
229. Re Re Rita Coolidge-LoveMeAgain-.nzbyEnc ,--thanx a lot; but is this MONO.txt"Re Re Rita Coolidge-LoveMeAgain-.nzbb"yEnc ,--thanx a lot; but is this MONO (1/1)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac223d
230. "Rita Coolidge-InsideTheFire-10-Love Is Muddy Water.flac" yEnc (1/41)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac226d
231. "Rita Coolidge-InsideTheFire-09-Survivor.flac" yEnc (1/39)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac226d
232. "Rita Coolidge-InsideTheFire-08-Love From Tokyo.flac" yEnc (1/44)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac226d
233. "Rita Coolidge-InsideTheFire-07-Something Said Love.flac" yEnc (1/43)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac226d
234. "Rita Coolidge-InsideTheFire-06-I'm Coming Home.flac" yEnc (1/49)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac226d
235. "Rita Coolidge-InsideTheFire-05-Wishing Star.flac" yEnc (1/42)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac226d
236. "Rita Coolidge-InsideTheFire-04-Games.flac" yEnc (1/40)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac226d
237. "Rita Coolidge-InsideTheFire-03-I Can't Afford That Feeling Anymore.flac" yEnc (1/43)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac226d
238. "Rita Coolidge-InsideTheFire-02-Do You Believe In Love.flac" yEnc (1/38)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac226d
239. "Rita Coolidge-InsideTheFire-01-Hit Me On The Loveside.flac" yEnc (1/50)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac226d
240. "Rita Coolidge-InsideTheFire-00-Scans.rar" yEnc (1/17)
collection size: 21.1 MB, parts available: 34 / 34
- 2 rar files
[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac226d
241. "Rita Coolidge-InsideTheFire-00-Notes.txt" yEnc (1/1)
collection size: 6.42 KB, parts available: 2 / 2
- 2 txt files
view NFO
[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac226d
242. "Rita Coolidge-InsideTheFire-.nzb" yEnc (1/1)
collection size: 27.48 MB, parts available: 52 / 52
- 7 par2 files
- 1 nzb file
[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac226d
243. "Rita Coolidge-NeverLetYouGo-10-We've Got Tonight.flac" yEnc (1/47)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac226d
244. "Rita Coolidge-NeverLetYouGo-09-You Ought To Be With Me.flac" yEnc (1/39)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac226d
245. "Rita Coolidge-NeverLetYouGo-08-Do You Really Want To Hurt Me.flac" yEnc (1/47)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac226d
246. "Rita Coolidge-NeverLetYouGo-07-Fools In Love.flac" yEnc (1/42)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac226d
247. "Rita Coolidge-NeverLetYouGo-06-You Do It.flac" yEnc (1/39)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac226d
248. "Rita Coolidge-NeverLetYouGo-05-Only You.flac" yEnc (1/34)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac226d
249. "Rita Coolidge-NeverLetYouGo-04-Shadow In The Night.flac" yEnc (1/39)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac226d
250. "Rita Coolidge-NeverLetYouGo-03-Stop Wasting Your Time.flac" yEnc (1/49)[email protected] (ChattanoogaKid)a.b.sounds.flac226d

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