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Posts by [email protected] (Hillbillywolf) in alt.binaries.sounds.78rpm-era



The posts below were posted a long time ago.
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1. Winston Holmes & Charlie Turner - Rounder's Lament (Paramount 12798).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
2. Winston Holmes & Charlie Turner - Kansas City Call (Paramount 12798).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
3. Willie Reed - Texas Blues (Columbia 14407).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
4. Willie Reed - Leavin' Home (Columbia 149544, unissued).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
5. Willie Reed - Leavin' Home (Col Unissued Test W-199544-I).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
6. Willie Reed - Dreaming Blues (Columbia 14407).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
7. Willie Baker - Sweet Patunie Blues (Supertone 9366).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
8. Willie Baker - Mamma Don't Rush Me Blues (Supertone 9366).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
9. William Harris - Kitchen Range Blues (Gennett 6677).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
10. William Harris - Early Mornin' Blues (I Woke Up In The Morning, Someone Calling Me) (Gennett 6693).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
11. William & Versey Smith - Everybody Help the Boys Come Home (Paramount 12505).mp3 (1/8)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
12. Will Weldon - Turpentine Blues (Victor 21134).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
13. Will Weldon - Hitch Me To Your Buggy and Drive Me Like I was a Mule (Victor 21134).mp3 (1/10)[email protected]om (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
14. Will Bennett - Real Estate Blues (Vocalion 1464).mp3 (1/8)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
15. Wiley Barner - If You Want a Good Woman, Get One Long and Tall (Gennett 6261).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
16. Whistler's Jug Band - Vamps of '28' (OKeh 8469).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
17. Whistler's Jug Band - Pig Meat Blues (OKeh 8816).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
18. Whistler's Jug Band - Low Down Blues (OKeh 8469).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
19. Whistler's Jug Band - Jerry O'Mine (Gennett 5554).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
20. Whistler's Jug Band - Chicago Flip (Gennett 5554).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
21. Washington White - The Promise True and Grand (Victor V-38615).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
22. Washington White - I Am In the Heavenly Way (Victor V-38615).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
23. Washington Phillips - You Can't Stop A Tattler Part 2 (Columbia unissued 149505).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
24. Washington Phillips - You Can't Stop A Tattler Part 1 (Columbia unissued 149504).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
25. Washboard Sam - You Stole My Love (Bluebird 9018).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
26. Washboard Sam - She Belongs to the Devil (Bluebird 8937).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
27. Washboard Sam - My Feet Jumped Salty (Bluebird 8844).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
28. Washboard Sam - Life is Just a Book (Bluebird 8909).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
29. Washboard Sam - Levee Camp Moan (Bluebird 8909).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
30. Washboard Sam - Let Me Play Your Vendor (Bluebird 8967).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
31. Washboard Sam - I've Been Treated Wrong (Bluebird 9007).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
32. Washboard Sam - I'm Not the Lad (Bluebird 8878).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
33. Washboard Sam - I'm Feelin' Low Down (Bluebird 8878).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
34. Washboard Sam - I Laid My Cards on the Table (Bluebird 34-0710).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
35. Washboard Sam - I Get the Blues at Bedtime (Bluebird 34-0710).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
36. Washboard Sam - Gonna Hit the Highway (Bluebird 8997).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
37. Washboard Sam - Get Down Brother (Bluebird 9018).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
38. Washboard Sam - Flying Crow Blues (Bluebird 8844).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
39. Washboard Sam - Evil Blues (Bluebird 8997).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
40. Washboard Sam - Down at the Old Village Store (Montgomery Ward 7500).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
41. Washboard Sam - Brown and Yellow Woman Blues (Bluebird 8937).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
42. Washboard Sam & his Washboard Band - We Gonna Move (Bluebird B-7001).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
43. Washboard Sam & his Washboard Band - Sophisticated Mama (Bluebirde B-7780).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
44. Washboard Sam & his Washboard Band - Save It For Me (Bluebird 7866).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
45. Washboard Sam & his Washboard Band - Lover's Lane Blues (Bluebird 9007).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
46. Washboard Sam & his Washboard Band - Levee Camp Moan (Bluebird 8909).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
47. Washboard Sam & his Washboard Band - I'm On My Way (Bluebird 7096).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
48. Washboard Sam & his Washboard Band - Flying Crow Blues (Bluebird 8844).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
49. Washboard Sam & his Washboard Band - Bucket's Got a Hole in It (Bluebird 7906).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
50. Washboard Sam & his Washboard Band - Back Door (Bluebird B-7001).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
51. Washboard Rhythm Kings - Brown Skin Mama (Bluebird B-6157).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
52. Walter Vincent with Chatman's Mississippi Hot Footers - Your Friend's Gonna Use It Too Part 2 (Brunswick 7126).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
53. Walter Vincent with Chatman's Mississippi Hot Footers - Your Friend's Gonna Use It Too Part 1 (Brunswick 7126).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
54. Walter Taylor's Washboard Trio - You Rascal You (Champion 15951).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
55. Walter Taylor's Washboard Trio - Do You Love Me Blues (Victor 23309).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
56. Walter Taylor's Washboard Trio - Corrine Corrine (Champion 15951).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
57. Walter Taylor's Washboard Trio - Coal Camp Blues (Victor 23309).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
58. Walter Taylor's Washboard Trio - Broadcasting Blues (Champion 16059).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
59. Walter Roland - You Gonna Want Me (Perfect 6-01-57).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
60. Walter Roland - Overall Blues (Perfect 0265).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
61. Walter Roland - Club Meeting Blues (Perfect 6-01-57).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
62. Walter Rhodes with 'Pet' and 'Can' - The Crowing Rooster (Columbia 14289).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
63. Walter Rhodes with 'Pet' and 'Can' - Leaving Home Blues (Columbia 14289).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
64. Walter Davis - Travelin' This Lonesome Road (Bluebird 5982).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
65. Walter Davis - Sad and Lonesome Blues (Bluebird 5982).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
66. Walter 'Buddy Boy' Hawkins - Yellow Woman Blues (Paramount 12558).mp3 (1/8)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
67. Walter 'Buddy Boy' Hawkins - Workin' on the Railroad (Paramount 12558).mp3 (1/8)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
68. Vol Stevens - Baby Got the Rickets (Mama's Got the Mobile Blues) (Victor 21356).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
69. Uncle Joe Dobson - There Was a Man (Decca 7124).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
70. Uncle Joe Dobson - My God is a Rock in a Weary Land (Decca 7124).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
71. Two Poor Boys - New Huntsville Jail (Perfect 181).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
72. Two Poor Boys - John Henry Blues (Perfect 181).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
73. Two Charlies, The - Low Moan Blues (ARC Unissued 18986).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
74. Two Charlies, The - Low Down Blues (unissued).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
75. Two Charlies, The - Hard Time Papa (unissued).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
76. Two Charlies, The - Hard Time Blues (ARC Unissued 18987).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
77. Two Charlies, The - Got Your Water On (Melotone 6-06-61).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
78. Two Charlies, The - Don't You Put Your Dirty Hands On Me (Melotone 6-06-61).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
79. Two Charlies, The - Bad Feeling Blues (ARC Unissued 18981).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
80. Two Bad Boys, The - Corrine Corrine Blues (Paramount 12861).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
81. Two Bad Boys, The - Ballin' the Jack (Paramount 12861).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
82. Too Tight Henry - The Way I Do (Brunswick 7189).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
83. Too Tight Henry - Squinch Owl Moan (Brunswick 7189).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
84. Too Tight Henry - Charleston Contest Part 1 (Columbia 14374).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
85. Tommy McClennon - She's a Good Lookin' Mama (Bluebird 8545).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
86. Tommy McClennon - She's Just Good Huggin' Size (Bluebird 8605).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
87. Tommy McClennon - New Sugar Mama (Bluebird 8760).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
88. Tommy McClennon - My Little Girl (Bluebird 8605).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
89. Tommy McClennon - My Baby's Doggin' Me (Bluebird 8545).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
90. Tommy McClennon - Mr. So and So Blues (Bluebird 9015).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
91. Tommy McClennon - Mozelle Blues (Bluebird 9015).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
92. Tommy McClennon - I'm Goin', Don't You Know (Bluebird 8499).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
93. Tommy McClennon - Down to Skin and Bone (Bluebird 8725).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
94. Tommy McClennon - Deep Blue Sea Blues (Bluebird 9005).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
95. Tommy McClennon - Bottle It Up and Go (Bluebird 8373).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
96. Tommy McClennon - Baby, Don't You Want to Go (Bluebird 8408).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
97. Tommy Johnson - Louisiana Blues (Victor unissued).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
98. Tommy Johnson - Cool Drink of Water (Victor 21279).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
99. Tommy Johnson - Canned Heat Blues (Victor 38535).mp3 (1/12)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
100. Tommy Johnson - Big Road Blues (Victor 21279).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
101. Tommy Johnson - Big Fat Mama Blues (Victor 38535).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
102. Tommy Bradley - Please Don't Act That Way (Challenge 16339).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
103. Tommy Bradley - Nobody's Business If I Do (Challenge 16696).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
104. Texas Jubilee Singers - He's the Lilly of the Valley (Columbia 14445).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
105. Texas Jubilee Singers - He's Coming Soon (Columbia 14445).mp3 (1/10)hillbillywolf[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
106. Texas Bill Day - Don't Get Love In Your Mind (Columbia 14494).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
107. Tampa Red - You Got Me Worryin' (Bluebird 6532).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
108. Tampa Red - You Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone (Bluebird 34-07111).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
109. Tampa Red - Witching Hour Blues (Bluebird 5723).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
110. Tampa Red - Travel On (Bluebird 7276).mp3 (1/8)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
111. Tampa Red - That's the Way I Do (Bluebird 6578).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
112. Tampa Red - Stockyard Fire (Bluebird 5812).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
113. Tampa Red - Somebody's Been Using That Thing (Bluebird 5572).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
114. Tampa Red - Nutty & Buggy Blues (Bluebird 6425).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
115. Tampa Red - Mr. Rhythm Man (Bluebird 8011).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
116. Tampa Red - Mean Old Tom Cat (Bluebird 85525-3 unissued).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
117. Tampa Red - Mean Mistreater Blues (Bluebird 5546).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
118. Tampa Red - I'm Bettin' On You (Bluebird 8407).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
119. Tampa Red - I Ain't Fur It (Bluebird 34-07111).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
120. Tampa Red - Grievin' and Worryin' Blues (Bluebird 5546).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
121. Tampa Red - Give It Up Buddy and Get Goin' (Bluebird 5572).mp3 (1/8)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
122. Tallahassee Tight [Louis Washington] - Black Snake Blues (Perfect 279).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1114d
123. Sylvester Weaver - [Soft Steel Piston] (81404-A) (Okeh unissued).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
124. Sylvester Weaver - [Six-String Banjo Piece (80722-B)] (Okeh unissued).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
125. Sylvester Weaver - [Me And My Tapeworm] (Hungry Blues) (81876-A) (Okeh unissued).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
126. Sylvester Weaver - What Makes a Man Blue (Okeh 8522).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
127. Sylvester Weaver - True Love Blues (Okeh 8460).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
128. Sylvester Weaver - Rock Pile Blues (Okeh 8549).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
129. Sylvester Weaver - Poor Boy Blues (Okeh 8460).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
130. Sylvester Weaver - Penitentiary Bound Blues (Okeh 8504).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
131. Sylvester Weaver - Dad's Blues (Okeh 8522).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
132. Sylvester Weaver - Chittlin Rag Blues (Okeh 8549).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
133. Sylvester Kimbrough - Garbage Can Blues (Brunswick 7135).mp3 (1/12)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
134. Sylvester Kimbrough - Bird Liver Blues (Brunswick 7135).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
135. Stovepipe No. 1 & David Crockett - Court Street Blues (Okeh 8514).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
136. Stovepipe No. 1 & David Crockett - Bed Slats (Okeh 8543).mp3 (1/10)hillbillyw[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
137. Stovepipe No. 1 & David Crockett - A Woman Gets Tired of the Same Man All the Time (Okeh 8514).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
138. Stove Pipe No. 1 - Lonesome John (Columbia 15011).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
139. Stove Pipe No. 1 - Fisher's Hornpipe (Columbia 15011).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
140. Speckled Red - The Dirty Dozen No. 2 (Brunswick 80020).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
141. Speckled Red - The Dirty Dozen No. 1 (Brunswick 80020).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
142. Southern Sanctified Singers - Where He Leads Me I Will Follow (Brunswick 7074).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
143. Southern Sanctified Singers - Soon We'll Gather at the River (Brunswick 7074).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
144. Sonny Boy Williamson - Project Highway (Bluebird 7302).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
145. Sonny Boy Williamson - Early in the Morning (Bluebird 7302).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
146. Son House - Dry Spell Blues Part 2 (Paramount 12990).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
147. Son House - Dry Spell Blues Part 1 (Paramount 12990).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
148. Snooks Eaglin - See See Rider (Imperial 2844).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
149. Sloppy Henry - Long Tall Disconnected Mama (Okeh 8630).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
150. Sloppy Henry - Canned Heat Blues (Okeh 8630).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
151. Sloke & Ike - Slocum Blues (Decca 7375).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
152. Sloke & Ike - Say Pretty Mama (I'm Goin' to Kansas City) (Decca 7375).mp3 (1/8)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
153. Sleepy John Estes - Whatcha Doin' (Victor 38628).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
154. Sleepy John Estes - Poor John Blue (Victor 38628).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
155. Sister Rosetta Tharpe - This Train (Decca 48043).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
156. Sister Rosetta Tharpe - The Lonesome Road (Decca 2243).mp3 (1/8)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
157. Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Rock Me (Decca 2243).mp3 (1/8)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
158. Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Oh, When I Come to the End of My Journey (Decca 48043).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
159. Shreveport Home Wreckers - Home Wreckin' Blues (Victor 23275).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
160. Seth Richards - Skoodeldum Doo (Columbia 14325).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
161. Seth Richards - Lonely Seth Blues (Columbia 14325).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
162. Selah Jubilee Singers - Take My Hand Precious Lord (Decca 48003).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
163. Selah Jubilee Singers - Royal Telephone (Decca 48007).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
164. Selah Jubilee Singers - I Want Jesus to Walk Around My Bedside (Decca 48007).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
165. Selah Jubilee Singers - I Feel Like My Time Ain't Long (Decca 48003).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
166. Scrapper Blackwell - Down South (Champion 16452).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
167. Sam Manning with the Cole Mentor Orchestra - Sweet Mama Ring-Ding-Ding (Okeh 65009).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
168. Sam Manning with the Cole Mentor Orchestra - Barbados Blues (Okeh 65009).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
169. Sam Butler [as Bo Weavil Jackson] - Why Do You Moan (Paramount 12423).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
170. Sam Butler (Bo Weavil Jackson) - Heaven Is My View (Vocalion 1056).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
171. Sam Butler (Bo Weavil Jackson) - Christians Fight On, Your Time Ain't Long (Vocalion 1056).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
172. Salty Dog Sam [Sam Collins] - Signifying Blues (Oriole 8127).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
173. Rufus and Ben Quillian - Satisfaction Blues (Columbia 14616).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
174. Ruby Glaze & Blind Willie - Mama Let Me Scoop For You (Bluebird 6007).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
175. Rube Lacey - Mississippi Jail House Moan (Paramount 12629).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
176. Rosie Mae Moore - School Girl Blues (Victor 21408).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
177. Roosevelt Sykes - You So Dumb (Victor 23299).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
178. Roosevelt Sykes - No Good Woman (Vocalion 02699).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
179. Roosevelt Sykes - Mr. Sykes Blues (Decca 7280).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
180. Roosevelt Sykes - Hard Luck Woman Blues (Victor 23320).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
181. Roosevelt Sykes - Don't Put My Lights Out (Victor 23259).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
182. Roosevelt Sykes - Boot That Thing (Okeh 8702).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
183. Roosevelt Sykes - All My Money Gone Blues (Okeh 8727).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
184. Roosevelt Sykes - '44' Blues (Okeh 8702).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
185. Robert Petway - Rockin' Chair Blues (Bluebird 8726).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
186. Robert Petway - Ride 'Em Down (Bluebird 8838).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
187. Robert Petway - My Little Girl (Bluebird 8786).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
188. Robert Petway - My Baby Left Me (Bluebird 9036).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
189. Robert Petway - Left My Baby Crying (Bluebird 8786).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
190. Robert Petway - Cotton Pickin' Blues (Bluebird 9036).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
191. Robert Petway - Catfish Blues (Bluebird 8838).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
192. Robert Petway - Bertha Lee Blues (Bluebird 9008).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
193. Robert Johnson - Stones In My Pathway (Vocalion 03723).mp3 (1/8)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
194. Robert Johnson - I'm a Steady Rollin' Man (Vocalion 03723).mp3 (1/8)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
195. Robert Johnson - Drunken Hearted Man (Vocalion DAL-397 unissued).mp3 (1/8)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
196. Robert Hill - Lumber Yard Blues (Bluebird 6776).mp3 (1/8)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
197. Richard 'Rabbit' Brown - Mystery of the Dunbar's Child (Victor 35840).mp3 (1/14)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
198. Richard 'Rabbit' Brown - I'm Not Jealous (Victor 35840).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
199. Rev. W.M. Clark & Sisters - The World Eagle (Paramount 12559).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
200. Rev. W.M. Clark & Sisters - Satan at Church (Paramount 12559).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
201. Rev. Sister Mary Nelson - Judgement (Vocalion 1109).mp3 (1/8)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
202. Rev. Leora Ross - Love Lifted Me (Okeh 8541).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
203. Rev. Leora Ross - God's Mercy to Colonel Lindbergh (Okeh 8541).mp3 (1/8)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
204. Rev. Joe Lenley - Lord Who Shall Abide in Thy Tabernacle (Columbia 14521).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
205. Rev. Joe Lenley - Let Us Therefore Come (Columbia 14521).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
206. Rev. J.M. Gates - The Rattlesnake Coils Before He Strikes (Okeh 8622).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
207. Rev. J.M. Gates - Stop for the Red Light (Okeh 8622).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
208. Rev. J.C. Burnett - Put Your Trust in Jesus (Columbia 14517).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
209. Rev. I.B. Ware with Wife & Son - You Better Quit Drinking Shine (Vocalion 1235).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
210. Rev. I.B. Ware with Wife & Son - I Wouldn't Mind Dying (Vocalion 1235).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
211. Rev. George Jones - The Heavenly Airplane (Gennett 6979).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
212. Rev. George Jones - That White Mule of Sin (Gennett 6979).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
213. Rev. F.W. McGee - Fifty Miles of Elbow Room (Victor 23680).mp3 (1/8)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
214. Rev. Edward W. Clayborn - With My Savior I Shall Be (Vocalion 1121).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
215. Rev. Edward W. Clayborn - This Time Another Year You May Be Gone (Vocalion 1221).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
216. Rev. Edward W. Clayborn - Then We'll Need That True Religion (Vocalion 1121).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
217. Rev. Edward W. Clayborn - The Wrong Way to Celebrate Christmas (Vocalion 1221).mp3 (1/8)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
218. Rev. Edward W. Clayborn - O Lord I'm in Your Care (Vocalion 1120).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
219. Rev. Edward W. Clayborn - Everybody Ought to Treat Their Mother Right (Vocalion 1120).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
220. Rev. D.C. Rice - Shall Not a Dog Move His Tongue (Vocalion 1201).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
221. Rev. D.C. Rice - Lord Keep Me with a Mind (Vocalion 1195).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
222. Rev. D.C. Rice - Leaving All to Follow Jesus (Vocalion 1195).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
223. Rev. D.C. Rice - Come and See (Vocalion 1255).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
224. Rev. Benny Campbell - You Must Be Born Again (Conqueror 9772).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
225. Rev. Benny Campbell - Have Mercy On Me (Conqueror 9772).mp3 (1/8)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
226. Rev. A.W. Nix - Throwing Stones (Vocalion 1156).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
227. Rev. A.W. Nix - The Dirty Dozen Part 2 (Vocalion 1526).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
228. Rev. A.W. Nix - The Dirty Dozen Part 1 (Vocalion 1526).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
229. Rev. A.W. Nix - The Black Diamond Express To Hell Part 4 (Vocalion 1421).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
230. Rev. A.W. Nix - The Black Diamond Express To Hell Part 3 (Vocalion 1421).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
231. Rev. A.W. Nix - That Little Thing May Kill You Yet (Vocalion 1431).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
232. Rev. A.W. Nix - Sleeping in a Dangerous Time (Vocalion 1247).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
233. Rev. A.W. Nix - Love is the Thing of the Past (Vocalion 1431).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
234. Rev. A.W. Nix - It Was Tight Like That (Vocalion 1505).mp3 (1/12)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
235. Rev. A.W. Nix - How Long, How Long (Vocalion 1505).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
236. Rev. A.W. Nix - Hang Out Your Sign (Vocalion 1247).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
237. Rev. A.W. Nix - Generosity (Vocalion 1156).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
238. Rev. A.W. Nix - Begin a New Life on Christmas Day Part 2 (Vocalion 1217).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
239. Rev. A.W. Nix - Begin a New Life on Christmas Day Part 1 (Vocalion 1217).mp3 (1/11)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
240. Red Hot Shakin' Davis - Too Black Bad (Paramount 12703).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
241. Red Hot Shakin' Davis - It's Red Hot (Paramount 12703).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1118d
242. Poor Joe McCoy - When You Said Goodbye (OKeh 06175).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1120d
243. Poor Joe McCoy - I'm Through With You (OKeh 06175).mp3 (1/8)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1120d
244. Poor Boy Lofton - My Mean Baby Blues (Decca 7076).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1120d
245. Poor Boy Lofton - Jake Leg Blues (Decca 7076).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1120d
246. Pine Top Slim - John Henry (Colonial, unissued).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1120d
247. Perry & his Stomp Band - Muddy Water (Black Patti 8037).mp3 (1/9)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1120d
248. Perry & his Stomp Band - Ash Can Stomp (Black Patti 8037).mp3 (1/8)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1120d
249. Peg Leg Howell - New Prison Blues (Columbia 14177).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1120d
250. Peg Leg Howell - Fo' Day Blues (Columbia 14177).mp3 (1/10)[email protected] (Hillbillywolf)a.b.sounds.78rpm-era1120d

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