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1. NEXT-TO-LAST VOTE COUNT (5:50 AM Monday Brisbane time)Draconis
2. WW772_FIRST VOTE COUNT (8:00 PM Sunday,Brisbane time)Draconis
3. WW766 NEXT-TO-LAST VOTE TALLY (7:10 AM Monday, Brisbane time)Draconis
4. NEXT-TO-LAST VOTE TALLY (6:25 am Monday, Brisbane time_Draconis
5. WW734_NEXT TO LAST VOTE TALLY (6:15AM Monday. Brisbane time)Draconis
6. WW734 SECOND VOTE TALLY (9:30 PM Sunday. Brisbane time)Draconis
7. WW734 _FIRST VOTE TALLY (5:00 PM Sunday. Brisbane time)Draconis
8. NEXT-TO-LAST VOTE COUNT (6:15 am Monday, Brisbane time)Draconis
10. WW725_First vote count (1:00 PM Sunday, Brisbane time)Draconis
11. WW665_PENULTIMATE VOTE TALLY (6:00 AM, Monday, Brisbane time)Draconis
12. THIRD VOTE TALLY (9:10 PM Sunday, Brisbane time)Draconis
13. WW665_ SECOND VOTE TALLY (7:30 PM Sunday, Brisbane time)Draconis
14. WW665_ FIRST VOTE TALLY (2:00 PM Sunday)Draconis
15. WW653_Next-to-last Vote Tally (6:20 AM Monday, Brisbane time)Draconis
16. WW653_Second Vote Tally (6:00 PM Sunday, Brisbane time)Draconis
17. WW649 NEXT-TO-LAST VOTING TALLY (6:30 AM Monday Brisbane time)Draconis
18. WW649 TIMETABLE REMINDER (10 hours 15 minutes to close of votes)Draconis
19. Re:WW646_Draconis_Original background image - 1 (100)(SL).jpgDraconis

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