Title:  Nights of Cabiria

Director:  Federico Fellini

Starring:  Giulietta Masina

IMDB:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0050783/

Format:  MKV

Encoder:  Handbrake, 2-Pass Encoding

Subtitles:  English, Hard-Coded

Files:  24

Size:  813 MB

I think this is one of Fellini's greatest films, along with La Strada and Amarcord.  Fellini's wife, Giuletta Masina, plays Maria, known as Cabiria.  Cabiria is a hooker who walks the streets of Rome, hoping to find love and happiness.  

Made before Fellini abandoned neo-realism, Nights of Cabiria is stark yet sentimental, harsh yet romantic, cold yet warm.  And when is Giuletta Masina going to be given the respect she deserves as one of cinema's greatest-ever actresses?