Thought that Raine was another dead emulator like misfit mame.
Seen a post in RetroRoms about Raine awhile back, so finally addressed the issue of updating Raine.
Got the latest version. Using the 64 bit version for running.
The 32 bit version works too, but not both together. This works on Windows 10 machines.
Complete merged rom set in .7z. using clrmamepro. This version supports Neo-Geo roms and CDs.
Documentation references Neo-Geo rom in folders Cps1, Cps2, NeoGeo. 
Included those folders and roms but havenÆt figured out how it works.  
Added Neo-Geo CD images that I acquired from the same source.
95 images and they work. Added all the extra files from the Raine site.
Ran the PPerl script for the screen shots.
This Archive includes all stated files. After downloading put it in a place where plan to run it.
First thing is to set the directory of the rom path, the artwork file paths and NeoGeo CD path.
Also included is the source files with the 32 bit version of raine.