General Information
 Title:                  White Feathers: The Nesting Lives of Tree Swallows
 Author:                 Bernd Heinrich
 Read By:                Rick Adamson
 Copyright:              2020
 Audiobook Copyright:    2020
 Genre:                  Non-fiction > Science & Nature > Environment
 Publisher:              Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
 Duration:               7 hours, 11 minutes, 6 seconds
 Chapters:               22
 ASIN:                   B083KP7P71

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Book Description
The surprising, rich life of tree swallows in nesting season by the acclaimed naturalist. 

Heinrich is sparked one early spring day by a question: Why does a pair of swallows in a nest-box close to his Maine cabin show an unvarying preference for white feathers - not easily available nearby - as nest lining? He notices, too, the extreme aggressiveness of ôhisö swallows toward some other swallows of their own kind. And he wonders, given swallowsÆ reputation for feistiness, at the extraordinary tameness and close contact he experiences with his nesting birds. 

From the author of the beloved books Ravens in Winter and A Naturalist at Large, this richly engaging view of the lives of wild birds, as always with Heinrich, yields ômarvelous, mind-alteringö insight and discoveries. (Los Angeles Times)

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