General Information
 Title:                  On War: The Collected Columns of William S. Lind 2003-2009
 Author:                 William S. Lind
 Read By:                Bob Allen
 Copyright:              2018
 Audiobook Copyright:    2018
 Genre:                  Audiobook
 Publisher:              Castalia House
 Duration:               26 hours, 45 minutes, 27 seconds
 Chapters:               296

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 Source Bitrate:         63 kbits

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 Ripper:                 inAudible 1.97

Book Description
On War is a seven-year collection of columns written by the father of 4th Generation War theory while observing the US invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq. It is an intriguing account of a war in progress, as seen through the eyes of a military theorist able to anticipate events with an almost prophetic degree of accuracy. Throughout the book, 4GW theory is defined, described, and refined as events in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places demonstrate the theoryƆs utility in making sense of current events and predicting future ones.