The Beatles - The Complete Yellow Submarine EPKs
NTSC DVD Dual-audio (narration on/off)
Yellow Cow Records: YCDVD014
Artwork: Yes 
Chapters: 6
NTSC / Stereo
TRT: 00:36:22
Audio codec: AC3
Audio bitrate: 256 kb/s
Video codec: MPEG2
Video bitrate: 5371 kb/s
Picture resolution: 704x480

Hey Bulldog EPK - Much was made of this song's inclusion in the film 
and on the Songtrack. In between the Anthology DVDs and the Yellow Submarine 
re-release footage was uncovered of The Beatles in Studio 3 of Abbey Road 
recording Hey Bulldog. Parts of the footage were used in the promotional film 
for Lady Madonna but when the original reels were viewed again it was 
discovered that almost the whole of Hey Bulldog had been captured on celluloid. 
From these reels a new 'video' was made for Hey Bulldog and released with the 
new stereo mix of the song from the Songtrack CD. Also on this EPK is some brief 
interview footage relating to the song.
Yellow Submarine Songtrack EPK - The Threetles chat about the new mixes 
of 'Yellow Submarine', 'Hey Bulldog', 'Eleanor Rigby', 'Love You To' and 
'All You Need Is Love'. Also five preview clips from the upcoming DVD: 
All You Need Is Love, Meanies Attack, Hey Bulldog, Sea of Monsters & Sea of Holes. 
Also includes 44 second Mod Odyssey clip and a preview of the packaging 
for the upcoming releases.
Yellow Submarine Returns EPK - The Threetles chat about the renovation of the 
sounds and pictures, Blue Meanies, their animated portrayals and the songs. 
Also includes 44 second Mod Odyssey clip and a preview of the packaging for the upcoming releases.
The Making Of Yellow Submarine EPK - A 6 and a half minute featurette with further 
interview footage of Paul, Ringo and George, Heinz Edelmann, Roger McGough, 
Paul Angelis, Peter Cobbin and Bruce Markoe. Brief behind-the-scenes footage.
The Yellow Submarine Collection EPK - 2.30 clip regarding the merchandising tie-ins.
For Kids Of All Ages EPK - 3 minute film featuring the reaction to the film of 
some Liverpool school kids and further interview footage with The Fab Three.