General Information
 Title:                  Autophagy: Discover How to Activate Autophagy Safely Through Intermittent Fasting. Detox Your Body and Boost Your Energy, Learn the Anti-agingÆs Secret Using Your BodyÆs Natural Intelligence
 Author:                 G.S. Schultz
 Read By:                Miriam Webster
 Copyright:              2019
 Audiobook Copyright:    2019
 Genre:                  Audiobook
 Publisher:              G.S. Schultz
 Duration:               3 hours, 56 minutes, 12 seconds
 Chapters:               17

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Book Description
Aut??h?g? is the natural process b? which ?ur b?d? r?m?v?? ??llul?r junk to allow new ??ll gr?wth. It makes t?t?l sense th?t ?ur b?d? needs an internal cleanu? t? detox ?nd r???ir itself. Aut??h?g? d??tr??? ??rt? ?f th? cells, ?r?t?in?, ?nd ??ll m?mbr?n?? that ?r? not fun?ti?ning ??rr??tl?. F?r autophagy t? ki?k in, one mu?t f??t f?r u?w?rd of 24 hours. Th? m??h?ni?m is likely ?x???rb?t?d by ?r?l?ng?d ?r??ti?? (however, ?v?n ?h?rt b?ut? of 12-16 h?ur? h?v? b?n?fit?).