Album:  	Evolutionary Voyage
Artist:  	AuroraX
Year:  	        2015
Genre / Style:  Electronic / New Age / Psybient / Progressive Trance

Unbelievable, hard to explain in english. It pushes and shoves, it's different, it's like tangerine dream with a beat, but it's not. It is hard to listen to without listening to it till it has ended. It's like driving force, as I said hard for me to explain in english words. Es drⁿckt einfach ohne Ende ohne dabei kitschig oder stumpf zu sein! - Jens Oliver Schrader

Number of Tracks: 9
Total Duration:   1:17:47
Total Size:       912 MBs (including scans, m3u, foobar2000, spectrums, and txt)
Parity Archive:   Yes, 7%
Ripped By:  	  NMR (this is web flac)
Files Created on: NMR (this is web flac)
Ripped With:  	  NMR (this is web flac)
Encoded At:  	  lossless, FLAC / [24 BITS] 48 KHz
ID3 Tags:         Yes
TXT Created:  	  6 October 2019

01) Anima's Dream
02) Navigations
03) Project Voyager
04) Spatial Contemplations
05) Stars And Rising Tides
06) Inner
07) Tales Of The Particles
08) Lifetime Satellite
09) Human Navigations
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