Hi All.
This is the OOT Colection V2 Info.

From what I have done and looked at, it seems that the Vol 2 Collection is the majority of the 'Lost Prog's' set.

There are many duplicates of the Lost Series, but saying that, and with my eyes, I think that some of the
episodes are of a better picture quality than what was done with the Lost Series.

All I can suggest is that you download a, or several, episodes and have a look for you own eyes.
The episode titles are the same as the Lost ones.

A Bonus is the audio files, which seem to come from the J.H. Book, these will be posted as mp3 files.

As before, each episode and a DVD9 image will be posted.
Hope you enjoy them as much as I have and will be doing in the future.

As previously, posting will be a bit erratice due to travels etc, but they will eventually all be posted.
Don't Panic, Don't Worry :-)