Album:  	Subtractivate
Artist:  	Bouvetoya
Year:  	        2013
Genre / Style:  Electronic / New Age / Berlin-School / Ambient

The debate persists after all these years; does the old Berlin School of the years vintages have forgotten some music on the paths of decades? The opinions are divided, as much as certain followers would eat it all the time. And it's mainly to them that addresses this small jewel signed by a mysterious Irish group (a new Arcane?) of which the name is inspired after a distant Norwegian island. ├┤Subtractivate├ presents nearly 70 minutes of EM with long intros perfumed mystic mists which give birth to always evolving rhythms wrapped up in dense ochred clouds, black choruses and ethereal flute singings. It's an album where the references to Tangerine Dream, Rubycon and Phaedra era, abound throughout a first very promising album from the band Bouvetoya. A name that we should keep in memory.... - Sylvain Lupari (December 21st, 2013) ;

Number of Tracks: 6
Total Duration:   1:06:33
Total Size:       307 MBs (including scans, m3u, auCDtect, spectrums, and txt)
Parity Archive:   Yes, 7%
Ripped By:  	  NMR
Files Created on: NMR
Ripped With:  	  NMR
Encoded At:  	  lossless, FLAC / 44.1 KHz
ID3 Tags:         Yes
TXT Created:  	  27 July 2019

01) Kraterisen
02) Apophenia
03) Pulse Negative
04) Acheron
05) When Isolation Sparkles
06) Subtractivate
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