Album:  	Beyond The Radar
Artist:  	Spatialize
Year:  	        2019
Genre / Style:  Electronic / New Age / Ambient / Downtempo

 After four years of concentrating on his deep ambient project æExperiments in SilenceÆ Neil returns to the more groove orientated productions of Spatialize. With influences ranging from the psychedelic, electronic, ambient, world and space rock. Juicy synths, exotic instrumentation and guitars float over organic and electronic drums, with the album including sax from Ian East of Gong and futuristic synths from Ishq.

The album begins with æCat and MouseÆ with sequenced synths, drums, fx and a touch of squelch which combines to produce a sound reminiscent of Ozric Tentacles, with sax rather than flute. This is followed by the title track which is a more dubby affair with vocal harmonies that still retains an Ozric vibe. The next piece æHobo SapienÆ moves the pace up a notch with a distinctly psy-chill feel, with little touches of sax peppered in appropriate intervals.

ItÆs a darker intro that emerges into the light with æColour of SkyÆ which continues on a psy-chill tip with some touches of the orient and vocal harmonies. The guitar is a more prominent feature on æDance into the LightÆ where the intro reminded me somewhat of Tangerine Dream, before the groove commences with the introduction of the beat and vocal harmonies. After the ambient introduction itÆs back to the psy-chill on æThe Great Super MangoÆ which teases you somewhat before letting go and repeating that cycle.

The elongated intro of æToltickenÆ once again had somewhat of a TD and Ozric feel with the sequenced synths and vocal samples invite you in before it drops into slow motion with some beautiful guitar licks. The slow pace continues with æOut of BodyÆ intro, with a spoken sample not a million mizles away from the OrbÆs æLittle Fluffy CloudsÆ when the drums kick in ethnic and harmonic vocal samples are utilised and again little passages of guitar. The final piece of the album æTree FrogsÆ another downtempo number that introduces some flute and sax to the party.

For me personally IÆd strayed away from the psy-chill, psy-dub sounds in recent years, aside from the odd producers such as Globular I felt it was morphing into territories such as psy-bass and swamp and losing the chill out aspect that was always a welcome element for me. However, of late IÆve been re-visiting and enjoying some of the older releases in the scene so this review really couldnÆt have come at a better time. IÆd recommend this album to those who like space music, space rock and psy-chill as it switches between and combines these styles throughout. - Reviewed by Woodzee ;

Number of Tracks: 9
Total Duration:   53:39
Total Size:       337 MBs (including scan, m3u, spectrums, and txt)
Parity Archive:   Yes, 7%
Ripped By:  	  NMR (this is web flac)
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Ripped With:  	  NMR (this is web flac)
Encoded At:  	  lossless, FLAC / 44.1 KHz
ID3 Tags:         Yes
TXT Created:  	  9 July 2019

01) Cat And Mouse
02) Beyond The Radar
03) Hobo Sapien
04) Colour Of The Sky
05) Dance Of Light
06) The Great Super Mango
07) Tolticken
08) Out Of Body
09) Tree Frogs
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