The Early Beatles - Grenada TV - DVD5

The Early Beatles has been out before, but I always wanted to have a really good transfer of it and so when the opportunity presented itself to do a new transfer from an original 1st generation tape, I leapt at the chance. I used a very good vhs machine and capture card, and carefully calibrated the input so that the card would not be overloaded by bright whites in the picture (one of the most common and annoying flaws in home made dvds. If the card is overloaded bright scenes assume an overexposed, metallic look).

Though consisting entirely of B&W footage, Granada decided for some reason to add mild colour tints to much of the special. To be blunt, I thought this looked bloody awful and so applied a grayscale filter to all the footage. I've also added some captions which are switched on by default but can be switched off in the menu. I thought people may find these useful since there is no narration in the programme.

The Music Of Lennon And McCartney has also been out before, but not in the original PAL to my knowledge. Someone sent me this version ages ago and unfortunately I can't remember their name (but thankyou, whoever you were.) It isn't perfect (rather too much noise reduction in places), but it still looks better than any other version I've seen. And it seemed an obvious companion piece to The Early Beatles, so here it is!