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                             Type: MMORPG      Platform: XBOX 360
                             By: Sqaure Enix   Release: 07-14-2006
                             Origin: NTSC/U    Filename: gmb-ffxiu
                             Cracker: GMB_DL   Size: 64 x 100MB
                             Source: DVD-DL    Language: English... no wait Amedikan!

                             Game Info

                             Game Notes

                             1. Unrar 
                             2. Burn with CloneCD
                             3. Play.... no wait... before that you got to do the hours long registration...using your own Play Online account of course!

                             Group Notes
                             SKY released the Japanese version of this game! So Goomba brings you the USA release!
                             This Release is working we know... because we tested it!

                             Special Greetings to MH!

                             Greetings to the following Groups
                             TRM WRG CLEAR SELECT and DAGGER

                             Extra Greetings to
                             Spreading the love! You know why...