100 Watt Vipers - Salvation Blues 

Release Date: 2017
Label: 100 WATT VIPERS
Format: MP3  3230kbps
Genre: BluesRock
Time: 40:35
Size: 97 MB

Formed in 2013 by long time friends Paul Joseph and DJ Riddick in Jacksonville Florida. The band has released 3 DIY albums...."Something Wicked Comes This Way", "Cold Sunday Blues" and 2016,s "Hellbound Train Rollin"

TravelÆn Shoes is the grungy, raw, and deserving new product of ôhard garage bluesö duo 100 WATT Vipers, consisting of Paul Joseph on guitars and D.J. Riddick on drums and vocals. Fledging with full force into the music world from Jacksonville, Florida, the talented team are sure to make their rounds, leaving each impressionable audience with a live soundtrack to be fondly remembered, and moving on confidently to the next, all by means of these travelÆn shoes.

Paul Joseph All Guitars/Composing/Producer...........
DJ Riddick Vocals/Drums

01 I Aint Gonna Break        3:39 	
02 Wheels of Thunder       4:06 	
03 When the Waters Rise     3:58 	
04 These Fields Are Barren     4:14 	
05 It Comes Down Heavy	3:57 	
06 As This Summer Ends	4:45 	
07 I Need Redemption	4:36 	
08 We Got to Find the Peace	3:52 	
09 I Walk Alone	4:12 	
10 And the Switchblade Falls	3:54