Intrigue: Mayday. BBC Radio 4

**NB. These are the OMNIBUS versions of the 15 original programmes **

When James Le Mesurier fell to his death in Turkey in 2019 he left behind a tangle of truths and lies. Mayday tells the extraordinary real story of the man who organised the White Helmets ΓÇô rescuers who film themselves pulling survivors from bombed out buildings in rebel-held areas of Syria ΓÇô and investigates claims that, far from being heroes, they are part of a very elaborate hoax. James Le Mesurier ΓÇô his detractors say ΓÇô was a British secret agent, pulling the strings. So when his body was found by worshippers on their way to morning prayers, there were a lot questions.

Produced, written and presented by Chloe HadjimatheouΓÇ¿Editor: Emma RipponΓÇ¿Researcher: Tom WrightΓÇ¿Production Coordinator: Gemma AshmanΓÇ¿Mixed by Neil ChurchillΓÇ¿Arabic translation and additional research: Vanessa Bowles, Abdul Kader HabakΓÇ¿Turkish Researcher: Nevin SungurΓÇ¿Narrative Consultant: John YorkeΓÇ¿Original music: Nick Mundy and Bu Kolthoum

Omnibuses 1-3 broadcast 13, 20 & 27 November 2020 approx 57mins each