General Information
 Title:                   Chaser
 Author:                  J.A. Konrath
 Read By:                 Dani McIntyre
 Series:                  Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels Mysteries, Book 13
 Genre:                   Mystery, Thriller & Suspense: Mystery
 Copyright:               2019
 Audiobook Copyright:     2020
 Publisher:               Joe Konrath
 Release date:            2020-04-21
 Duration:                9 hrs and 36 mins

Media Information
 Source Format:          Audible AAX
 Source Sample Rate:     22050 Hz
 Source Channels:        2
 Source Bitrate:         63 kbits

 Lossless Encode:        Yes
 Encoded Codec:          AAC / M4B
 Encoded Sample Rate:    22050 Hz
 Encoded Channels:       2
 Encoded Bitrate:        63 kbits

 Ripper:                 inAudible 1.97

Book Description
Retired cop Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels and her ex-criminal husband Phineas
Troutt have made a lot of enemies over the years. But none worse than The
Cowboy, a gunslinging nutcase who wants to slaughter them both, and Hugo
Troutt, a gang leader who has been plotting revenge against his younger brother
for over a decade. Separately, these baddies are formidable. Together, they are
unstoppable. But Jack has even more hell to deal with. She and her former
partner, private eye Harry McGlade, are in L.A. chasing an insane plastic
surgeon who specializes in disfiguring his victims. And Jack's colleague Tom
Mankowski has problems of his own with a snuff film auteur named Erinyes. With
four psychopaths on the prowl, Jack, Phin, Harry, and Tom will need to call on
some old friends if they hope to get out of LaLa Land alive... This 13th Jack
Daniels novel brings together villains from Konrath's thrillers White Russian,
Everybody Dies, and Webcam, along with heroes from Shot of Tequila, The List,
What Happened to Lori, and Flee, for the ultimate West Coast showdown. Chaser
by J.A. Konrath The hunt is on. But who's hunting whom? If you are a more
sensitive (or adventurous) listener, this handy scale rates specific categories
from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) to give you some idea if this is your kind of
audiobook. Chaser by JA Konrath

Crossovers - Includes characters from the Timecaster series, the Jack Daniels
and Associates Mysteries series, and the Konrath Dark Thriller Collective