General Information
 Title:                   Hunt for Jade Dragon
 Author:                  Richard Paul Evans
 Read By:                 Keith Nobbs
 Series:                  Michael Vey, Book 4
 Genre:                   Children's Audiobooks: Science Fiction & Fantasy
 Copyright:               2014
 Audiobook Copyright:     2014
 Publisher:               Simon & Schuster, Inc. All rights reserved.
 Release date:            2014-09-16
 Duration:                8 hrs and 57 mins

Media Information
 Encoded Codec:          MP3 / LAME 3.99.5
 Encoded Sample Rate:    22050 Hz
 Encoded Channels:       2
 Encoded Bitrate:        80 kbits

Book Description
Michael and his friends must rescue a child prodigy as the thrilling action
continues in this electrifying fourth installment of the number-one New York
Times best-selling series!  Michael, Taylor, Ostin, and the rest of the
Electroclan head to China in search of a girl who may have discovered why
Michael and his friends became electric. Her name is Lin Julung, or Jade
Dragon, and sheΓÇÖs a child prodigy with an IQ higher than Einstein's - and
OstinΓÇÖs.  But Hatch gets to her first, and the Elgen are holding her prisoner
in their Taiwan Starxource plant. Now the Voice wants Michael and the
Electroclan to go to Taiwan and free her before Hatch can realize his dreams of
an army of electric children.  The hunt for Jade Dragon is on, and itΓÇÖs a race
against time!