General Information
 Title:                   Just One Evil Act
 Author:                  Elizabeth George
 Read By:                 Davina Porter
 Series:                  Inspector Lynley [unabridged], Book 18
 Genre:                   Mystery, Thriller & Suspense: Mystery
 Copyright:               2013
 Audiobook Copyright:     2013
 Publisher:               Penguin Audio
 Release date:            2013-10-15
 Duration:                28 hrs and 24 mins

Media Information
 Encoded Codec:          MP3 / FhG
 Encoded Sample Rate:    44100 Hz
 Encoded Channels:       1
 Encoded Bitrate:        96 kbits

Book Description
#1 New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth George offers the latest in her
Inspector Lynley series: a gripping child-in-danger story featuring fan
favorite Barbara Havers.

Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers is at a loss: The daughter of her friend
Taymullah Azhar has been taken by her mother, and Barbara can't really help -
Azhar had never married Angelina, and his name isn't on Hadiyyah's, their
daughter's, birth certificate. He has no legal claim. Azhar and Barbara hire a
private detective, but the trail goes cold.

 Azhar is just beginning to accept his soul-crushing loss when Angelina
reappears with shocking news: Hadiyyah is missing, kidnapped from an Italian
marketplace. The Italian police are investigating, and the Yard won't get
involved, until Barbara takes matters into her own hands. As she attempts to
navigate the complicated waters of doing anything for the case against her
superior's orders, her partner, Inspector Thomas Lynley, is dispatched to Italy
as the liaison between the Italian police and Hadiyyah's distraught parents.

In time, both Barbara and Lynley discover that the case is far more complex
than just a kidnapping, revealing secrets about Angelina; her new lover,
Lorenzo; and even Azhar - secrets Barbara may not be willing to accept. With
both her job and the life of a little girl on the line, Barbara must decide
what matters most and how far she's willing to go to protect it.