General Information
 Title:                   Gypped
 Author:                  Carol Higgins Clark
 Read By:                 Michele Pawk
 Series:                  Regan Reilly, Book 15
 Genre:                   Mystery, Thriller & Suspense: Mystery
 Copyright:               2012
 Audiobook Copyright:     2012
 Publisher:               Simon & Schuster, Inc.
 Release date:            2012-04-03
 Duration:                4 hrs and 52 mins

Media Information
 Encoded Codec:          MP3 / FhG
 Encoded Sample Rate:    44100 Hz
 Encoded Channels:       1
 Encoded Bitrate:        96 kbits

Book Description
Private Investigator Regan Reilly is back in another "fun, delightful, and
entertaining mystery, enhanced by quirky endearing characters"

PI Regan Reilly and her husband Jack, head of the NYPD Major Case Squad, are in
Los Angeles where Jack is attending a business conference. After the meeting
they plan to vacation in California so Regan can show Jack her old haunts and
introduce him to friends who didn't make it to their wedding.

One friend Regan gets in touch with is in distress. A health nut, recently
turned vegan, - and a "health coach" to boot, Zelda suspects she is being
gypped by her business manager who had her invest in a new line of vitamins.
Regan and Jack look into Zelda's business deals. What they uncover is a scam
extending up and down the coast of California, involving people whose only
concern is the health of their pocketbooks!

Carol Higgins Clark's fans are sure to enjoy another "fast-paced mystery with
unexpected plot twists and Clark's trademark humor" (The Daily Beast).