General Information
 Title:                   Fallen Stars
 Author:                  John Conroe
 Read By:                 James Patrick Cronin
 Series:                  The Demon Accords, Book 5
 Genre:                   Science Fiction & Fantasy: Fantasy
 Copyright:               2013
 Audiobook Copyright:     2015
 Publisher:               Audible, Inc.
 Release date:            2015-10-27
 Duration:                10 hrs and 30 mins

Media Information
 Encoded Codec:          MP3 / LAME 3.99.5
 Encoded Sample Rate:    22050 Hz
 Encoded Channels:       1
 Encoded Bitrate:        64 kbits

Book Description
Book 5 of the Demon Accords.  Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor.
Sometimes it's just best to get the hell out of Dodge. After turning an ancient
vampire to dust and stirring the Coven into a mob of pitchfork-and-torch-
bearing vampires, Chris Gordon thinks it might be time for a road trip. So,
leaving Tanya to calm the troubled masses, he heads south to help a North
Carolina pack with some demon troubles. But with beautiful Stacia Reynolds in
the shotgun seat and his trusty companion, Awasos, Chris just might find more
trouble out of the Big Apple than in it as he follows the blacktop south. It's
demons and witches and bears, oh my.