General Information
 Title:                   Though Hell Should Bar the Way
 Author:                  David Drake
 Read By:                 Victor Bevine
 Series:                  RCN Series, Book 12
 Genre:                   Science Fiction & Fantasy: Fantasy
 Copyright:               2018
 Audiobook Copyright:     2018
 Publisher:               Audible, Inc.
 Release date:            2018-04-03
 Duration:                12 hrs and 23 mins

Media Information
 Source Format:          Audible AAX
 Source Sample Rate:     22050 Hz
 Source Channels:        2
 Source Bitrate:         63 kbits

 Lossless Encode:        Yes
 Encoded Codec:          AAC / M4B
 Encoded Sample Rate:    22050 Hz
 Encoded Channels:       2
 Encoded Bitrate:        63 kbits

 Ripper:                 inAudible 1.97

Book Description
A new novel in the nationally best-selling RCN military SF series.

David Drake, dean of military science fiction, returns with another entry in
his best-selling RCN series.

From wealth and power to poverty and insults!

Roy Olfetrie planned to be an officer in the Republic of Cinnabar Navy, but
when his father was unmasked as a white-collar criminal he had to take whatever
he was offered.

What is offered turns out to be a chance to accompany Captain Daniel Leary and
Lady Adele Mundy as they go off to start a war that will put Roy at the sharp

Duty snatches Roy from the harem of a pirate chief to a world of monsters, from
interstellar reaches in a half-wrecked starship to assassination attempts at
posh houses. Roy has the choice of making friends or dying friendless; of
meeting betrayal and responding to it; of breaking his faith or keeping it at
the risk of his life.

Pirates, politics, and spies - and, waiting for Roy if he survives all the
rest, a powerful warship.

The action doesn't slow - nor can Roy, for if he does the only question is
which of the many threats will be the one to catch and kill him. But Captain
Leary himself has given Roy a chance, and Roy is determined make the most of it
- Though Hell Should Bar the Way.