General Information
 Title:                   Star Kingdom Omnibus II
 Author:                  Lindsay Buroker
 Read By:                 Fred Berman
 Genre:                   Science Fiction & Fantasy: Fantasy
 Copyright:               2019
 Audiobook Copyright:     2020
 Publisher:               Podium Audio
 Release date:            2020-05-12
 Duration:                23 hrs and 8 mins

Media Information
 Encoded Codec:          MP3 / LAME 3.99.5
 Encoded Sample Rate:    44100 Hz
 Encoded Channels:       2
 Encoded Bitrate:        96 kbits VBR

Book Description
Star Kingdom Omnibus II contains books 4 & 5 of the Star Kingdom series.

Crossfire, book 4:

For the first time in his life, roboticist Casmir Dabrowski is headed to
another star system as an advisor for the Kingdom space fleet. HeΓÇÖs being given
a chance to prove himself to King Jager by helping find the ancient artifact he
inadvertently lost. ItΓÇÖs best not to think about what might happen if he

But with technologically advanced astroshamans after the artifact, not to
mention the deadly mercenary captain Tenebris Rache, itΓÇÖs not long before the
mission collides with disaster. 

Soon, Casmir and his friends are caught between warring factions, and he must
choose between what the king would want and what he knows is right. 

Gate Quest, book 5:

Roboticist extraordinaire Casmir Dabrowski has a new nemesis: astroshaman
leader Kyla Moonrazor. 

SheΓÇÖs stolen the ancient wormhole gate the king ordered Casmir to retrieve, and
sheΓÇÖs entrenched in an underwater base on a forsaken moon. Moonrazor is more
educated and more experienced than Casmir, and she has legions of killer robots
and cyborg defenders on her side. Casmir has his friends and...a submarine
named the Waddler. 

As if his task wasnΓÇÖt daunting enough, his old competitor, mercenary Captain
Tenebris Rache, is on the same quest, and heΓÇÖll do anything to keep the Kingdom
from getting that gate. 

If Casmir canΓÇÖt find a way to defeat them, the king will never let him return
to his home, his family, and the career he loves.