Prom 22: Rachmaninov, Shostakovich & Outi Tarkiainen
Royal Albert Hall, 4 August 2019

A ghostly ferryman transports departed souls in RachmaninovÆs Isle of the Dead, while ShostakovichÆs bitterly passionate Symphony No. 11 emerges from the violence of RussiaÆs æBloody SundayÆ massacre. Music by Outi Tarkiainen offers hope and new life.

            Sergey Rachmaninov: The Isle of the Dead (21 mins) Henry Wood Novelties: UK premiere, 1915
            Outi Tarkiainen: Midnight Sun Variations (10 mins) BBC co-commission with the National Arts Centre Orchestra, Ottawa: world 			     premiere


            Dmitry Shostakovich: Symphony No 11 in G minor 'The Year 1905' (58 mins)

    BBC Philharmonic
    John Storgσrds