Ikkakujuu no Nazo -Mystery of the UNICORN-

Artist: Barbarian On The Groove (featured singers: Shimotsuki Haruka, yanaginagi, Kahiena)
Composers: wight, mo2
Arrangers: wight, mo2
Release Date: November 16, 2012
Catalogue Number: AMX-603
Published by: Barbarian On The Groove / Astronotes
Compression: FLAC level 5

Track List:

01 Wenkamui -Denshouka-
02 Glare/Genki
03 Bell Antique
04 Shin'en no Dirac
05 Wenkamui -Riprise- (instrumental)
06 Glare/Genki (instrumental)
07 Bell Antique (instrumental)
08 Shin'en no Dirac (instrumental)

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