Barbarian On The Groove Works Collection
Release date: 26th of March, 2010

Artist: Barbarian On The Groove (featured singers: Kahiena, Marie, Chata, Koto Mitama, Miglen, Katakiri Rekka)
Lyrics: wight, mo2, bassy
Composition: wight, mo2, bassy
Arrangement: wight, mo2, bassy
Compression: FLAC level 6
Track list:

Disc 1
01 Sadame no Tsubasa
02 Hibikiau Yoru wo Nukete
03 Kimi to Futari de...
04 Only For You
05 The Divinity
06 Heavenwards
07 Yuki no Hane Toki no Kaze
08 Only For You (Remix)
09 Yuki no Hane Toki no Kaze (Remix)

Disc 2
01 Guardian Heart
02 Ashita e
03 Genius Rhythm
04 Mugen Canvas
05 reach for
06 Ginga no Fantasy
07 Love Paradise
08 Guardian Heart (Remix)
09 Three Elephants One Turtle

Ripped & romanised by Ignis
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