Best of Stern # 1
-Dear Mr. Rabbi
-Big Bird's Pussy Song
-Blue Velvet Clip
-Ratings At Last
-Dragnet Clip
-Bullwinkle & Rocky
-Swaggart Clips
-Mayberry '88
-Gay Squirty Dancing
-Gay Squirty Dancing Review
-Homo Cop
-Elvis Contact
-Karen Carpenter Story
-Sittin On The Beach With A Uterus
-Brawly Bunch
-Milton Berle
-Gary's Teeth
-Sting Call
(ash wednesday news)

Best of Stern # 2
-The Gay Untouchables
-Conversation w/Ted
-Pig Virus Phone Call
-I Saw Her Pubic Hair
-Take Us To LA
-Armless Guitar Player Talk
-Dennis Miller Phone Call
-School Chancellor Call

Best of Stern # 3
-Joey & Cindy Adams Record
-Lou Reed Duels John Emerson
-Froggy Tribute
-Froggy Clips
-Call To Froggy's Girlfriend
-The John Lennon Story

Best of Stern # 4
-Judy Tenuta (cont)
-Phonecall From Catholic Girl
-Stevie Wonder Talk
-Blue Oyster Cult Song
-Jackie Talk
-Call From Howard's Mom
-Call From Howard's Dad
-Call From Sam Kinison
-Jackie The Intern's Poem
-Call From Sam Kinison

Best of Stern # 5
-FMmy's (cont)
-Garry's Teeth
-Call To Gary's Ex Girlfriend
-Howard's Letterman Appearance
-Patti Scalfi Talk
-Joan/Ted Kennedy Call

Best of Stern # 6
-Letterman Appearance
-Letterman Discussion
-Ebstien/Lennon Song Parody
-Arsenio Hall Talk
-Woman Licking Feet
-Jackie "The Joke Man" Phone Call

Best of Stern # 7
-Sam Kinison Interview
-John The Intern's Songs
-Eat My Baby
-Superbowl Party Planning

Best of Stern # 8
-Pet Talk
-Cousin Bruce Talk
-Goth Labar Talk
-Post Birthday Talk
-Tribute Bands
-Early Stern Tape
-Jackie Calls Nancy About Superbowl Party

Best of Stern # 9
-John The Intern's Song
-Richard Simmons
-Gay Wall Street
-Jackie Phone Call
-Sam Kinison Call
-Gilbert Godfried Call
-The Liberace Story
-Liberace Meets Eddie Money

Best of Stern # 10
-I Love Uterine Cancer
-Gilbert Godfried Interview
-Elvis Contact
-Sweatin With The Devil
-I Don't Want To Dress Like A Girl No More
-Gil Scott Harend Record
-You Give Friendship A Bad Name
-Naked Jeopardy

Best of Stern # 11
-I Killed Little Ricky
-Fred The Elephant Boy's Bronski
-Christmas Party Guests
-Fred The Elephant Boy's Radio Check
-A Christmas Carol
-Duelling Gay Choirs
-Kurt Waldheim Jr.
-Stuttering Phoney Phone Calls
-He's Howard Stern

Best of Stern # 12
-Talk To Fred About His Smoking
-Naked Jeopardy
-Planes, Trains & Automobiles Clip
-Sam Kinison
-Rhino Record Playing

Best of Stern # 13
-Ned Beatty Interview
-Robert Plant Interview
-Lou Ferigno Interview
-Robert Enguld Interview
-Soupy's Piano

Best of Stern # 14
-Gyna Girl Call
-James Brown Talk/Song Parodies
-Fartman Calls Lybia
-Gyna Girl
-Augustine Jumbo Story
-Drew Barrymore Story
-Sam Kinison Call
-Donald Trump Call
-Arab Protest At Birthday Show
-Grandmaster Melle Mel Interview

Best of Stern # 15
-Fred's Groupies
-Howards Answering Machine Message
-Dear Abby Article
-Call To Fred's Mom About Circumcision
-Frank The Lesbian Songs
-Discussion About Fred Being Gay
-Bad Religious Music
-KKK Hotline
-Mr. Ed Talk

Best of Stern # 16
-Mamalooka Boobaday Report
-Phonecall To Bully
-Stevie Wonder Call
-First Train To Brownville
-Dial A Date Talk
-Call To Terets Girl

Best of Stern # 17
-Penn Jillette, Sam Kinison & Judy Tenuta (cont)
-Stuttering John Interviews Dr. Ruth
-Hate Mail
-Penn Jillette, Sam Kinison & Judy Tenuta

Best of Stern # 18
-Judy Tenuta Phone Call
-Gilbert Godfried Interview Part 1
-Gilbert Godfried Interview Part 2

Best of Stern # 19
-Gary's Ex-Girlfriend Talk
-Radio Silence
-Gilbert Godfried Interview Part 3
-All Men Are Created Equal Line
-Clip On Joey Adams Book

Best of Stern # 20
-Gilbert Godfried Interview 2

Best of Stern # 22
-Black Jeopardy
-Gilbert Godfried Interview 3
-Phoebe Snow Call

Best of Stern # 23
-Gilbert Godfried Interview 3(cont)
-Mike Schmidt & Others Crying Tapes
-Talk About Jackie Film
-Call To Crazy Jerry's Answering Machine
-Howard's Drug Experience
-Fred Gwyne Interview
-Tom Discussion
-Look Into Fred's Bag

Best of Stern # 24
-Sam Kinison Interview - Part 1
-Sam Kinison Interview - Part 2

Best of Stern # 25
-Sam Kinison Interview - Part 3
-Sam Kinison Interview 2 - Part 3
-That's Radio Entertainment
-Call To Morton Downey Jr.

Best of Stern # 26
-Sam Kinison Interview 2 - Part 1
-Sam Kinison Interview 2 - Part 2

Best of Stern # 27
-Emo, Gilbert, and Sam
-Harvey Firestein Interview
-Sucrete and Ted's Excellent Adventure (with outtakes)
-Gay Bridge to Silence
-Call from Joe Clark
-Questions for the Beast
-Kinison's Bon Jovi Deal Snipits
-Answering Machine Messages
-News Commercials

Best of Stern # 28
-Past Lives Commercial
-Phonecall to Soupy About Howard
-GQ's Comedy List Interview
-Tom Discussion
-Kurt Valdheim Jr.
-Leona Helmsley
-Mr. Ed Meets Jessica Hahn
-Phone Call From Dice
-David Dinkins Speach Class Ad
-Mamalooka Boobaday's Poetry

Best of Stern # 29
-Call From An 11 Year Old
-Hate Mail
-Geraldo Rivera
-Scientology Call

Best of Stern # 30
-Painting of the Easter Penis & Breasts
-Belzer Reviews "No Holds Barred"
-Elvis Contact
-Stuttering John's Band
-Andy of Mayberry
-Len Bias Contact

Best of Stern # 31
-Darin's Visit On Robin's Birthday
-Visit From Arthur Gold
-Joe Walsh
-Pat Cooper

Best of Stern # 32
-John's Song For Robin
-Pat Cooper & His SOn
-Pat Cooper & His Mother
-Pat Cooper & Sam Kinison
-Call From Sam Kinison
-All In Pat Cooper's Family
-Jessica Hahn Calls Sam Kinison
-Janet Culvers Island
-GQ Announcement
-Lean On Meat

Best of Stern # 33
-Cheech Marin Interview
-Stuttering John Interviews Chris & Bob Elliot
-Phrank Talk
-Belzer's Answering Machine
-John Interviews Frank Zappa
-Dice Phone Call

Best of Stern # 34
-Phrank's Record Playing
-Hire The Handicapped
-Stuttering John at a Press Conference
-Guests Who Cried On The Air
-Fartman Calls Tripoli About Satanic Verses
-Leona Helmsly Commercials

Best of Stern # 35
-Danny Philbin Telethon
-Belzer's DJ Tape

Best of Stern # 36
-Jackie The Interns Hypnosis
-The Green Green Caps of Gary
-Call From A Gay Guy
-Lifestyles of the Radio Famous Visits Paco
-Mama Lookaboobooday
-Otto Shpielbach Political Commercial
-Eddie Murphy Interview
-Tennis Without Balls
-Ann Landers Story
-Call From The Orgasm Lady
-Goodbye To Soup

Best of Stern # 37
-Call To Soupy
-Call From Susan Berkley
-Bon Jovi Talk (I'll Be Ther For You Comparison)
-Don't Worry, Be Jim Jensen
-Song Parody Voting
-Stuttering John's Police Stories
-Call To Fred The Elephant Boy After His First Time
-Fartman & George Bush Call Lybia & President Reagan

Best of Stern # 38
-Turets Phoney Phone Call
-Interview W/ Carson Author
-Call To Buy The Elephant Man
-Call To Woman Who Plays Organ w/ Tongue
-Call From Richard Simmons
-Howard's Impressions

Best of Stern # 39
-Call To Rachel The Spanker & Her Dial-A-Date
-Call To Fred The Elephant Boy & His Dial-A-Date
-Looking Into Fred's Bag
-Superman Talk
-Bon Jovi Talk
-Bon Jovi Call

Best of Stern # 40
-David Brenner & Gilbert Goddfried
-Lifestyles of the Radio Famous With Larry King
-Call From Howard's Father

Best of Stern # 41
-Girls For Bon Jovi
-Bon Jovi PSA
-Phonecall From Dice
-Phonecall From Sam Kinison
-Lifestyles of the Rich & Dicky
-Richard Simmons
-Call From Jessica Hahn

Best of Stern # 42
-Richard Belzer
-Judy Tenuta
-Bon Jovi Song
-Bon Jovi Truce Day
-Sam Kinison & Richard Lewis Calls
-Stuttering John Street Interview
-Mamalooka Booboday Lectures John

Best of Stern # 43
-Joan & Ted Kennedy
-Adam West Call
-Who Concert Clips
-Butman Song
-Elaine Boosler Attach
-Woody Harrelson
-Cory Haim
-Call From Richard Sambora

Best of Stern # 44
-Sam Kinison, Judy Tenuta, Emo Phillips & Richard Lewis

Best of Stern # 45
-William Shatner Phonecall
-Danny Bonaduce Phonecall
-Captain Janx's Andy Bloom Tape
-Talk About Gary's Art

Best of Stern # 46
-Call From Sam Kinison
-Sam Kinison
-Penn Jillette
-Interviewing Ball Girls

Best of Stern # 47
-David Dinkins Radio Spot
-Jackie Mason Clips
-Call From Jackie Mason
-Call From Morton Downey Jr's Secretary
-Morton Downey Jr Vs. His Secretary
-Godzilla Goes To Harlem
-Richard Lewis
-Das Love Boat
-Graham Chapman/Tributes

Best of Stern # 48
-Sam Kinison
-Call To Police To See If Dice Was Arrested
-Comedians On Politicians
-Green Acres '89
-Meg Griffen Promo
-Regis Philbin Song Parody
-Zoo Impressions
-Rollin Into Traffic
-Grand Central Parkway

Best of Stern # 49
-Talk About Jamaicans, Arabs, & The K-Rock Comedy Riot
-Howard Polishes Leonard Marshall's Shoes & Kisses His Ass
-Quincy Jones Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Speech
-Screwed Up Commercial

Best of Stern # 50
-US Open Soars Review
-Call From Howard's Mom
-Sam Kinison
-Call From Girl Who Slept With Tim
-Tim Curtin
-Mick Fleetwood Talk

Best of Stern # 51
-Bijou Impersonation
-Call From San Francisco Survivor
-Robert Wuhl & Gilbert Godfried

Best of Stern # 52
-Robert Wuhl/Gilbert Godfried (Part 3)
-Stuttering John Interviews
-Suhkreet Gable
-Stern Racing Promo
-David Dinkins Commercial
-Rudy Guliani Commercial
-Richard Lewis Phone Call
-Dinkins Guliani Debate

Best of Stern # 53
-9th Annual FMmy's
-Richard Belzer (Part 1)
-Richard Belzer (Part 2)

Best of Stern # 54
-Richard Belzer (Part 3)
-Ernie Interviews Spanky
-As The Barbeque Turns
-Episode 1 (With Outtakes)
-Dickie Goodman Tribute
-Redd Foxx Clips
-Call To Gay Party Line

Best of Stern # 55
-Talk About Parent Teacher Conference
-9th Annual FMmy's (Part )
-My Name Is Boy Gary
-Richard Lewis
-Richard Lewis & Sam Kinison

Best of Stern # 56
-Gina Mans Dickie Goodman Tribute
-I've Got Such Big Round Lovely Hooters
-Richard Lewis & Sam Kinison (Part 2)

Best of Stern # 57
-Rudy Guliani Commercial 2
-Call From Jessica Hahn
-Jill Rappahorse Report
-Stuttering John's Police Stories
-Stuttering John Interviews Paul McCartney

Best of Stern # 58
-As The Barbeque Turns Ep. 2
-As The Barbeque Turns Ep. 3
-1989 Christmas Party (Part 1)
-1989 Christmas Party (Part 2)

Best of Stern # 59
-1989 Christmas Party (Part 3)
-1989 Christmas Party (Part 4)
-Bullwinkle Meets Jessica Hahn
-Letter From A Prisoner
-Complaint Over No Birthday Show

Best of Stern # 60
-Jason Bonham
-Kimberly Taylor With Young MC Phonecall
-Vinnie Mazzio Sticks A Firecracker Up His Butt

Best of Stern # 61
-Howard Finds A Friend Over The Phone
-Rock Hudson Story
-Bust A Birthday Move
-Jackie's Pot Song
-Story About Woman Who Wrote To The FCC
-Hate Mail
-Mayor Marion Barry
-Belzer Yells About Barry
-Sittin Here Smokin Crack

Best of Stern # 62
-Jessica Hahn Spanking
-Leonard Marshal Sports Report
-Jogger Phone Line
-Chas Is Gay Babe
-Ed McMahon Commercial
-Iron Butterfly Promo
-Black History Minute - Larry Fine
-Anti Christ Letter
-Black History Minute - Abe Lincoln
-Howard Tap Dances
-Father Bruce Ritters Songs From The Bathhouse

Best of Stern # 63
-Ed McMahon Interview
-Born On The Fourth Of July Story
-Marion Barry Tapes
-Young MC
-Milli Vanilli Weather
-Marion Barry Tapes
-Phoney Turets Guy & Richard Lewis
-Marion Barry Tapes
-Cardinal O'Connor Tapes
-Bloopers, Bleeps & Jackoffs

Best of Stern # 64
-Stuttering Joh WYSP Show
-Sam Kinison & Gilbert Godfried

Best of Stern # 65
-Sam Kinison & Gilbert Godfried Interview

Best of Stern # 66
-Sam Kinison & Gilbert Godfried (cont from # 64)
-Sam Kinison & Gilbert Godfried (cont from # 65)

Best of Stern # 67
-Yelling At Fred & Jackie
-Chip Z Nuff Phonecall
-My Gay Left Foot
-Carl Yazstremski Interview
-Doodie Dell' Abate
-Broken Penis Story
-Bestiality Story
-Stuttering John Interviews Justine Bateman, Howard Hessman & Judd Nelson
-Leslie West Making Fun Of John's Stuttering

Best of Stern # 68
-Sam Kinison Interview

Best of Stern # 69
-Kadeem Hardison & Gilbert Godfried

Best of Stern # 70
-June Foray & Jessica Hahn
-Phonecall To Sam Kinison
-Alex Winter
-Stuttering John's Grammy Interviews
-Young MC
-Don Henley, Bryan Adams & Jessica Hahn
-Frank Sinatra Record Commercial

Best of Stern # 71
-Call From Doctor Who Wrote Book
-Stuttering John Interviews Satch
-Young MC Hate Mail With Young MC On The Line
-Call From Cardinal O'Conner
-Stuttering John Promo
-The Cardinal Vs. Earth Trailer
-Jackies Song About The Road
-Call From South African Woman

Best of Stern # 72
-Call To Jessica Hahn's Phoneline
-Sam Kinison
-Elton John Tape At Rock Awards
-Stuttering John Interviews Allison Steele & Dick Clark

Best of Stern # 73
-Stuttering John Interview Dick Clark, Mark Chernoff, Paul Harvey & Walter Mondale
-Sam Kinison
-Bachelor Party For Stephen Baldwin
-No Call From Jessica Hahn
-Stuttering John Interviews Alan Combs

Best of Stern # 74
-Penn Jillette
-Stuttering John Chastizing
-Heart of William Schroder

Best of Stern # 75
-Sam Kinison, Penn Jillette, Judy Tenuda & Jack Reilly
-Judy Tenuda/Glen Schwartz

Best of Stern # 76
-Call To Richard Simmons
-Washington Interviews
-Stuttering John Interviews Margot Kidder & Roy Schrieder
-Dickie Goodman & The Zodiac Killer
-Stuttering John Interviews John Amos & Sylvia Miles
-Richard Simmons
-Stevie Wonder Talk
-Blue Oyster Cult Song

Best of Stern # 77
-John Wayne Gacy Talk
-Bob Nelson & Gilbert Godfried
-Call From Mitch Walters
-Talk About Gary's Art Collection
-Dabella Article

Best of Stern # 78
-Stuttering John Interviews Kay Bergen, Ted Williams, Joey Ramone, Steven Tyler & Ritchie Sambora
-Hate Mail
-Fred The Elephant Boy Accepts Award For Howard
-Baldy Baldy
-John Travolta Story
-Hate Mail
-Stuttering John Interviews Huntz Hall

Best of Stern # 79
-Dabella Article
-Tom & Marks Promo
-Jessica Hahn Phonecall/Gary Art Talk
-Consenting Adults
-Feed My Baby
-She Can't Have A Baby

Best of Stern # 80
-Al Sharpton To The Rescue
-Look Into The Future
-Stuttering John Interviews Dave Palone & Melanie Griffith
-Fred's Subliminal Messages
-Call From Ben Stern
-NY Post Stuttering John Article

Best of Stern # 81
-Sam Kinison

Best of Stern # 82
-Sam Kinison And Amy Lynn Interview

Best of Stern # 83
-Phoney Phonecalls
-Sam Kinison
-Call To Fred's Mom
-Gilbert Godfried & Amy Lynn Interview

Best of Stern # 84
-Gilbert Godfried & Amy Lynn Interview
-Stuttering John Interviews Morton Downey Jr.
-Judy Tenuda Says Goodbye
-Lost In Space 1990

Best of Stern # 85
? - Poor Quality

Best of Stern # 87
-Gilbert Godfried Interview
-John Lennon 50th Birthday
-Call From Robert Klein's Ex-wife
-Dice Clay & Ron Greshner Interview

Best of Stern # 88
-Pat Cooper/Gilbert Godfried Answering Machine Message
-Call To Al Sharpton
-Planning For Hospital Visit
-Jackie's Flies Song
-Mr. Rogers News Story
-Jackie Announcement
-Penn Jillette

Best of Stern # 89
-Penn Jillette
-Penthouse Pet

Best of Stern # 90
-Richard Belzer Interview

Best of Stern # 91
-Gilbert Godfried

Best of Stern # not labeled
-Stuttering John Interviews Rex Reed, Joel Seigal & Paul Servino
-Call From David Brenner's Ex-Lover
-Donna Douglas Phonecall & Gilbert Godfried Interview

Best of Stern # not labeled2
-George Takei
-David Brenner & Gilbert Godfried
-Richard Belzer & Vinnie Mazzio
-Sam Kinison

Best of Stern # not labeled 3
-Andrew Dice Clay
-Ron Greshner Interview
-Dice/Greshner Interview (cont)
-Judy Tenuda
-Sam Kinison (cont)

Best of Stern # not labeled 4
-Steve Sax Interview

8th Annual FMmy's Parts 1 & 2

8th Annual FMmy's Parts 3 & 4

David Lee Roth Interview

-John Threatening To Leave
-Turets Replacement Interview

Zoo Funeral

Zoo Funeral2