If only the government had created a Disinformation Governance Board earlier, so all the DemocratsΓÇÖ misinformation could have been corrected. The economy is contracting, and the media is gaslighting. Glenn takes calls from listeners about whatΓÇÖs affecting them most, their biggest questions, and whatΓÇÖs to come. Which one do you want: free speech or a totalitarian state? Texas AG Ken Paxton gives an exclusive interview as the state files a lawsuit against the Biden administrationΓÇÖs new asylum rule. President Biden wants $33 billion more to send to Ukraine, while Russia keeps talking about nukes and the media seemingly cheers on the warΓÇÖs escalation. Glenn warns about ΓÇ£terrifyingΓÇ¥ secret presidential directives, called PEADs.