Glenn starts the show by going over his latest Wednesday night special discussing the grooming thatΓÇÖs happening to children in schools. Glenn goes through the history of how the government, the CDC, and the grooming of children are all connected. Journalist Glenn Greenwald joins Glenn to discuss the Washington PostΓÇÖs doxxing of the TikTok account ΓÇ£LibsOfTikTokΓÇ¥ and Elon MuskΓÇÖs attempted purchase of Twitter. Glenn recalls growing up in fear of a nuclear bomb and the similar fear citizens in Ukraine are facing. Stephanie Elad joins Glenn to discuss her run for the school board after seeing her children's curriculum. Ryan Walters, OklahomaΓÇÖs secretary of education, joins to discuss the Stillwater, Oklahoma, school district bathroom policy.