Bill OΓÇÖReilly joins on Good Friday to discuss why he decided to claim Jesus is God on his show ΓÇ£No Spin News.ΓÇ¥ Author Michael Malice joins to discuss the news of the day, including Elon MuskΓÇÖs attempted purchase of Twitter and the leftΓÇÖs complete meltdown over that possibility. Glenn goes into the fourth and final part of his series on finding AmericaΓÇÖs god, focusing on the importance of repentance. Author David Barton joins Glenn to discuss the black-rope regime and the churchΓÇÖs role in society. Glenn and Stu give an update on the two Iranian men who posed as DHS agents. Glenn and Stu discuss the ΓÇ£miracleΓÇ¥ of the increase of pregnancies in womenΓÇÖs prisons. Glenn tells the story of Easter and Jesus' crucifixion.