Glenn and Stu discuss the upcoming 2022 midterms and the toss-up races to pay attention to. Pat Gray joins Glenn and Stu to discuss CNN+ΓÇÖs embarrassing launch and college students calling out CNNΓÇÖs disinformation at a conference. Rep. Patrick McHenry joins to discuss the Federal ReserveΓÇÖs move to create a digital dollar. Author Michael Malice joins Glenn to discuss the news of the day, including the misinformation being spread by our intelligence community and the mainstream media. Recovering investment banker Carol Roth joins to discuss her article ΓÇ£Creative ways to combat inflation.ΓÇ¥ Rep. Chris Stewart joins to discuss the information war against Russia and the U.S., even when our intel isnΓÇÖt completely reliable.