#Ukraine_ Russian column reported destroyed; & What is to be done_ Colonel Jeff McCausland, USA (retired) @mccauslJ @CBSNews @dickinsoncol.mp3
#Ukraine_ Brussels awakens alongside NATO. @GordonGChang, Gatestone, Newsweek, The Hill. Theresa Fallon @TheresaAFallon, @ChicagoCouncil, director of the Center for Russia Europe Asia Studies. VR..mp3
#PRC_ Nearby Pearl Harbor. @CleoPaskal @FDD ; @GordonGChang, Gatestone, Newsweek, The Hill Cleo Paskal, non-resident Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.mp3
Russia and PRC trash-talk nukes. Rick Fisher @CSIS, senior Fellow of the International Assessment and Strategy Center. @GordonGChang, Gatestone, Newsweek, The Hill..mp3
Russia and PRC grab at the Arctic. Charles Burton, MacDonald Laurier Institute. @GordonGChang, Gatestone, Newsweek, The Hill..mp3
#Moon_ Dune buggy 2022. Bob Zimmerman BehindtheBlack.com.mp3
#Ukraine_ Roscosmos losing. Bob Zimmerman BehindtheBlack.com.mp3
#Ukraine_ Commodities go to war. Simon Constable @RealConstable; Time Magazine.mp3
#Ukraine_ Russia's small business unemployed. @Felix_Light @CBSNews @MoscowTimes.mp3
#Ukraine_ The Russian economy plunges into the unknown. Michael Bernstam @HooverInst.mp3
#Ukraine_ Internally Displaced Persons overwhelm. @JoshRogin @WashingtonPost.mp3
#Ukraine_ Whistleblowing Chekhists at the Kremlin. @PaulR_Gregory @TheHill.mp3
#Ukraine_ Refugees arrive in the transformed EU. Stanley Pignal @spignal. Charlemagne columnist and Brussels bureau chief for @TheEconomist..mp3
#Ukraine_ Russian armor fail where the U.S. dollar succeeds. George Friedman, Founder and Chairman of Geopolitical Futures. @George_Friedman @GPFutures.mp3
#Ukraine_ Canada's satellite in the war. Michael Wall @MichaelDWall, senior space writer with Space.com ; David Livingston The Space Show..mp3