The world is on fire, but good news! It's Friday. Glenn discusses the importance of an upcoming Idaho bill and other states standing up against ESG scores and digital currency. Glenn and Stu go through whatΓÇÖs in President BidenΓÇÖs latest executive order regarding digital currency and Vice President Kamala HarrisΓÇÖ latest overseas performance. Bill OΓÇÖReilly joins to discuss the rising gas prices and President BidenΓÇÖs response to the crisis. Author Michael Malice joins to discuss ESG scores and BidenΓÇÖs digital dollar executive order. Adam Curry, co-host of ΓÇ£No Agenda,ΓÇ¥ joins to discuss BidenΓÇÖs push to create a digital dollar, ESG scores, and the Great Reset. BlazeTV media critic Rob Eno joins to discuss how to prepare for and survive an apocalypse.