Doctor Who - The Seeds of Doom
Special Edition Soundtrack
Composed by Geoffrey Burgon

Although this score has had an official CD release (alongside 'Terror of the Zyogns'), over 20 minutes of material was edited from the official release, which included nearly 2 minutes of material not used in the final edit of the story, and not included on the DVD isolated score.

So this 'special edition' is the complete soundtrack of this story, including the unused cues, inserted into the isolated score at the correct points.

CD1: Mixed, with stereo ambiance and introductory excerpt
CD2: Mono Cues as presented on the DVD isolated score


The version of 'The Creature Attacks' on the official CD release is the shorter 'End of Part 1' version. For this CD, I have used the extended 'Start of Part 2' version.

I had to recreate the end of the last cue to Part 3, using near-identical segments from the same track pitch-shifted.

There were only a few repeated cues, which I have deleted from the score, except tracks 23 and 24 on CD2, where both cues start with the same 28 seconds. It was impossible to isolate the different sections, so I left them as they were. On the mixed CD, there was an extra section of 'unused' music that allowed me to bridge the gap, and include both endings of the 2 cues.

One cue is repeated at half speed. I have left out the half-speed version on the mixed CD, but both are included on CD2 (tracks 32 and 38).