13 May 2021
Dear Christmas Music Lovers,

This post is a collection of songs which was on a portable USB drive which was my brothers.  The songs are from the hard drive a radio station used for automation.

I have gone through the collectione, removed as many duplicates as possible.   

I also went through and tried to standardize all the names into the {title} - {artist}.mp3 format so it looked clean. 

There are just over 1,500 songs so I'm posting them in volumes of 50 with a copious amount of PAR2 files just to make sure they are OK.

One last caveat, I have not listened to these or attemped to fix audio errors.  I'm assuming that since it played on radio, it must be close to being correct.  That said, I did find some tuned in .WMA and .WAV format, so they have been converted t0 192 kbps, 44.100 kHz, Joint Stereo.

There are several songs which did not have artist name, or song title.  This was the way they were on the drive which begs the question, how did the RDBS look when the song played on the air.

If you know the correct name or artist, please repost with the corrections.

I'll try to stop back for "Christmas in July", as I saw Santa Dave mention it.  I'm sort of tapped out for Christmas tunes unless some of the local stores come up with somthing.  There is a large Finnish, German, and Swedish population up here, so the traditions are still somewhat strong.  Probably the only community in America where they still do a Polka Show on radio on Saturday morning!

Blessings to all, and to all a good night.  We'll catch you down the group sometime.  Enjoy the music.

Ted D'Bear