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Newsgroup alt.binaries.tvseries

Number of files in database:951687
Number of parts (messages) in database:92968673
Total size of files:40.87 TB
Oldest post in database:Tue, 06 May 2014 14:54:00 +0200
Current retention:1172 days


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alt.binaries.tvseries	Group for posting any new tv releases in either xvid or divx format.

CHARTER: alt.binaries.tvseries is a group for posting newer television series rips. The preffered format is in either xvid or divx(avi). Proper scene releases are the preffered choice of the pepsi generation.

The newsgroup will not be moderated. 

JUSTIFICATION: Group has existed for some time now, with a constant flow of posts each day. The group has no listing on and this control message and charter is to fix this oversight.


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