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Newsgroup alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.transsexuals

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Total size of files:4.15 TB
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alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.transsexuals	Erotic she-males

This group would be dedicated to posting of multimedia video files
(mpg, avi, mov, etc) of transsexuals (aka "she-males"). Unmarked
off-topic materials (including videos about cross-dressers and
transvestites), advertising (spam), cancel attacks,
virus infected binaries, html-encoded postings, and abusive cross
postings are prohibited.

As of 4:50 pm on January 6/2002 there are approx 1.18 gig of
multimedia material available (and rising) in the newsgroup as found on Newscene.
Since it is improper to post multimedia material in a pictures
newsgroup, we seek to move them out into their own newsgroup, as there
is sufficient volume of material being posted to sustain a newsgroup.

Mockingbird <[email protected]>

This newsgroup was proposed originally on Nov 25/2001. Feedback from
others in the newsgroup led to changes prior to resubmitting on Jan
6/2002, from which discussion this cmsg is being created.

This group is being created without any specified posting limit, but
the groups' active posters do reserve the right to later impose one if
the traffic levels call for it. 

There is also no FAQ, but it is hoped that the FAQ created by Gollum
for alt.binaries.erotica.transsexuals.action would serve as the basis
for any new one, modified to reflect the norms found in other
multimedia.erotica newsgroups.


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