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Newsgroup alt.binaries.multimedia.chinese

Number of files in database:167706
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For your newsgroups file:
alt.binaries.multimedia.chinese         For Chinese-related video

This newsgroup is for the sharing of Chinese-related video.  "Chinese" in this
sense refers to both Chinese language and culture.  "Chinese language"
encompasses any of the languages (commonly refered to a dialects) which use
Chinese written script as a basis.  This includes but is not limited to
Mandarin and Cantonese. Any videos of Chinese cultural significance (ancient
or modern) are also included.

Chinese mp3 audio files (which are not accompanied by video) should not be
posted to alt.binaries.multimedia.chinese (use alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.chinese

Unmarked off-topic materials, advertising (spam), cancel attacks, virus or
Trojan infected binaries, and abusive cross postings are prohibited.  Illegal
items are also prohibited.

Identification (by way of subject line or .nfo file) of the language of the
audio stream(s) and subtitle(s) present in the posted video is requested but
not required.

Identification (by way of subject line or .nfo file) of the characteristics of
the posted files (e.g. mpg, vcd, .cue, pal, ntsc, etc) is requested but not

The newsgroup will not be moderated

Justification of Readership:
A June 8, 2003 examination of Usenet Newsgroups Activity Statistics - by
articles posted ( shows that
alt.binaries.multimedia.chinese ranks 13th with 19100 messages posted while
being carried by only 11 hosts.  By comparison, the 12th (19491 messages) and
14th (18545 messages) ranked groups were carried by 95 and 86 hosts
respectively.  Formally proposing this group will ensure it that it gets the
propagation that it deserves.

Thank you.


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