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Newsgroup alt.binaries.hdtv

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For your newsgroups file:
alt.binaries.hdtv    	    	High Definition video files.

CHARTER: alt.binaries.hdtv is a place to share high definition video files 
that can be used to demonstrate the benefits of HDTV. ALL posts should be 
made via a posting program with yenc capabilities and should be split into 
25MB to 50MB RAR files. ALL posts should be accompanied by PAR2 files to 
help reduce the amount of fill requests. Posts such as "Here is what I 
have" do NOT belong here. Anything other than High Definition is NOT 
permitted here.

Unmarked off-topic materials, advertising (spam), excessive posting, cancel
attacks, virus infected binaries, and abusive cross postings are 

JUSTIFICATION: this group is heavily expected and currently
discussions about these hdtv video files are done in the crowded and 
inappropriate groups which is not the right place to do such things. People 
must have a place where they can speak quietly.


[email protected]


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