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Newsgroup alt.binaries.frogs

Number of files in database:148071754
Number of parts (messages) in database:428902137
Total size of files:306.89 TB
Oldest post in database:Mon, 27 Oct 2014 14:52:53 +0100
Current retention:1179 days


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*No numerical justification
*Not discussed in alt.config

Please give this humble rmgroup your consideration.

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>alt.binaries.frogs	A newsgroup dedicated to binaries of frogs

>Charter: No commercial messages or links to sites that sell or promote
>services that require payment. Messages to be posted in plain text.
>Attachments of frog related binaries is acceptable, all other binaries are
>not acceptable.

>Justification: Frogs are cool.

>Please give this humble newgroup message your consideration.


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