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Newsgroup alt.binaries.erotica.divx

Number of files in database:1674680
Number of parts (messages) in database:40399773
Total size of files:19.69 TB
Oldest post in database:Mon, 27 Oct 2014 14:43:25 +0100
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For your newsgroups file:
alt.binaries.erotica.divx	Posting of Erotica in DivX Format.

Alt.binaries.erotica.divx is for the posting of full length erotica
movies encoded with DivX format.  Movies should be encoded 
from high quality sources such as DVD and VCD. The size
of movies posted must not be less than 500 MB. Movies posted to
alt.binaries.erotica.divx must be archived in RAR split volume format.
Only posts adhering to the above requirments will be considered
on-topic posts. Off-topic posts include, but are not limited to, items
that are generally considered illegal and immoral, particularly child
pornography and bestiality. All off-topic posts and advertisements are
strictly forbidden. Excessive flaming is discouraged. The group will
not be moderated.


At present there is no one group for the posting of full length
erotica in DivX format. Currently posts of these types flow into
several groups, however alt.binaries.erotica.vcd  takes the 
majority of this traffic. This activity disrupts the flow of
alt.binaries.erotica.vcd, because newsreaders interested in
VCDs must filter through all DivX posts in order to retrieve VCD
posts. This has also caused duplicate posts of the same material
to alt.binaries.erotica.vcd in 2 incompatible formats ( DivX & VCD).
As the popularity of the DivX format increases so do the number of
posts in DivX format in non-related groups. This has sparked both
arguments and debate. It would be beneficial to the users of both
formats (and to alt.binaries.erotica.vcd) to segment DivX erotica
into its own group.


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