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For your newsgroups file: CD images of games.

This group would help relieve the massive influx of posts that are
present in the newsgroup. It's main purpose is
to better structure the hierarchy (much like
that of alt.binaries.warez) to provide a more organized layout. It's
purpose would be the posting of CD images from games only or
game-related utilities.

-No SPAM or off-topic posts allowed

Since DejaNews does not store posts for binaries groups, it is harder
to give numerical justification. However, the total volume of posts on
SuperNews to this rogue group dated 7-27-00 to 8-1-00 was 579
multi-part binary posts, averaging out to about 1.25GB/day.

The proposal was made July 25, 2000 in alt.config, with little (one
user) negative feedback. All suggestions for corrections were made to
this final draft.




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