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Newsgroup alt.binaries.boneless

Number of files in database:107301376
Number of parts (messages) in database:8290983656
Total size of files:4.16 PB
Oldest post in database:Mon, 27 Oct 2014 14:37:34 +0100
Current retention:1003 days


For your newsgroup file:
alt.binaries.boneless All topics related to Boneless

alt.binaries.boneless is meant for all persons interested in the
character Boneless. Related topics are various, all sorts of binaries
may be posted, unless discriminating or illegal. The group is not
moderated in any way. Binaries are allowed, spam and other commercial
posts aren't. 

Justification of Readership:
Over 1,000 users of ISP Multiweb seek an opportunity to post their
(binary) files in a safe, legal and undisturbed newsgroup. Over 10,000
persons will find such a newsgroup a perfect place to reach their
acquintances, friends, and family members at Multiweb.


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