Buddy Rich and The Big Band Machine  - Speak No Evil  (1976)

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Audio Format.........: Lossless
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Hz...................: 48,000
Channels.............: Stereo
Source...............: Tidal Music Service

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Here's Buddy's 1976 effort on RCA.  Sounds a bit catered to the times back 
then, and the back photo of Buddy in full karate mode certainly doesn't help 
either.  Because...back then, Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting. 

If you get that reference you're probably feeling your age same as I am.  By 
the mid 70's most big bands (or what was left of them at that point) were 
transforming their sounds to meet changing times.  Maynard Ferguson's releases 
of that period come to mind.  For me it is a real mixed bag in this instance.  
Sometimes this is a nice little fusion/funk/soul outing.  Other times it sounds 
like a forgettable 70's B movie soundtrack. Judge for yourself I guess.

This originated from a lossless CD quality audio stream rip from a Tidal music 
service subscription of mine.  I combined tracks 3 and 4 together, since they 
had no gap between on the release.  Rip was done using an Asus Xonar DG sound 
card.  Wave editor was Cool Edit Pro using 48k/floating 32 bit settings.  It 
was then converted down to 24 bit using DbPowerAmp, then converted to flac 
files. The only changes done were the total silencing of any random system 
noise between tracks. (For those of you in the .mp3 binaries, I compressed it 
further to 320 kb/s with DbPowerAmp using Lame encoder.)  Track timings will 
approximate that of the original release but are by no means exact to the 

Because of the lack of .log and .cue files it probably won't be something a 
hard core collector wants.  But it's plenty good enough for the average 
listener. In terms of sound quality, I see no reason why it should be 
distinguishable from your garden variety CD.  Tracks are tagged and I put some 
info in the comments section about the source and .wav gathering, just to keep 
the digital gene pool organized.  If possible I'll try to find some artwork off 
the web to include with it.  Enjoy it - MM

Here's the Wiki:

Released	1976
Recorded	RCA Studios, New York
Genre	Jazz, Jazz fusion
Label	RCA
Producer	Richard Evans

Track listing

LP side A:

    "Speak No Evil" (Richard Evans) û 3:44
    "Yearnin' Learnin'" (Charles Stepney, Maurice White, Philip Bailey) û 5:38
    Medley û 11:00
        "Storm at Sunup" (Gino Vanelli) û 6:37
        "Love Me Now" (Gino Vanelli) û 4:23

LP side B:

    "Fight the Power" (Chris Jasper, The Isley Brothers) û 6:00
    "They Just Can't Stop It (The Games People Play)" (Bruce Hawes, Charles 
Simmons, Joseph Jefferson) û 3:55
    "Sophisticated Lady (She's a Different Lady)" (Chuck Jackson, Marvin Yancy, 
Natalie Cole) û 3:04
    "Sneakin' Up Behind You" (David Sanborn, Don Grolnick, Michael Brecker, 
Randy Brecker, Will Lee) û 3:21
    "How Long (Betcha' Got a Chick on the Side)" (Anita Pointer, Bonnie 
Pointer, June Pointer, Ruth Pointer, David Rubinson) û 3:51


    Buddy Rich û drums
    Bob Cranshaw û bass
    Morris Jennings û drums and percussion
    Ross Traut û guitar
    Kenny Barron û electric piano
    Jerry Dodgion û alto saxophone
    David Tofani û alto saxophone
    Joe Farrell û tenor saxophone
    Steve Marcus û tenor saxophone
    Turk Mauro û baritone saxophone
    Danny Moore û trumpet
    Victor Paz û trumpet
    Lew Soloff û trumpet
    Jon Faddis û trumpet
    Janice Robinson û trombone
    Wayne Andre û trombone
    Tom "Bones" Malone û trombone
    Dave Taylor û bass trombone
    Howard Johnson û tuba
    Vivian Cherry û vocals
    Lani Groves û vocals
    Rhetta Hughes û vocals

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