Buddy Rich - Stick It !  (1972)

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                                 Release Notes
One of my favorites of Buddy's, although I only had an Mp3 of it until 
recently.  Here's a lossless version I grabbed off Tidal Music.  Sound quality 
on this one is much better than some of those older releases of his I've been 
upping.  Technological advancements of the period, no doubt, but it also took 
place in an RCA studio setting and that couldn't have hurt.  This is the CD 
version of the release, and for some reason the track order differs a bit from 
the vinyl.  Has an extended 10 minute version of the first track, Space 
Shuttle.  Killer indeed.

This originated from a lossless audio stream rip from a Tidal music service 
subscription of mine.  Rip was done using an Asus Xonar DG sound card.  Wave 
editor was Cool Edit Pro using 48k/floating 32 bit settings.  It was then 
converted down to 24 bit using DbPowerAmp, then converted to flac files. The 
only changes done were the total silencing of any random system noise between 
tracks. (For those of you in the .mp3 binaries, I compressed it further to 320 
kb/s with DbPowerAmp using Lame encoder.)  Track timings will approximate that 
of the original release but are by no means exact to the second.  

Because of the lack of .log and .cue files it probably won't be something a 
hard core collector wants.  But it's plenty good enough for the average 
listener. In terms of sound quality, I see no reason why it should be 
distinguishable from your garden variety CD.  Tracks are tagged and I put some 
info in the comments section about the source and .wav gathering, just to keep 
the digital gene pool organized.  If possible I'll try to find some artwork off 
the web to include with it.  

I generally don't do Re:'s too often because I don't hang around the groups as 
much as when I was a young leech.  This is just my way of paying it forward 
after grabbing stuff off Usenet for quite a few years now. Enjoy the vintage 
Buddy - MM

Here is the Wiki on it:

Released	1972
Recorded	August 10, 1972
Genre	Jazz
Length	37:46
Label	RCA
Producer	Pete Spargo

Stick It is a 1972 studio album by Buddy Rich, with his big band.  The album 
was his third for RCA Records as well as his last album for the label prior to 
his 1976 album Speak No Evil.

Track listing

LP side A

    "Space Shuttle" (John LaBarbera) û 4:19
    "God Bless the Child" (Arthur Herzog Jr., Billie Holiday) û 4:48
    "Best Coast" (John LaBarbera) û 3:58
    "Wave" (Antonio Carlos Jobim) û 4:15

LP side B

    "Something" (George Harrison) û 3:25
    "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" (Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney) û 7:57
    "Sassy Strut" (John LaBarbera) û 6:06
    "Bein' Green" (Joe Raposo) û 2:58

bonus track on 1999 RCA CD re-issue

    "Space Shuttle" û 10:38 (extended version)

track order on CD re-issue differs from original LP

The Buddy Rich big band

    Joel DiBartolo - double bass
    Pat LaBarbera - flute, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
    Joe Romano, Brian A. Grivna - flute, alto saxophone
    Don Englert - flute, tenor saxophone
    Walter Namuth - guitar
    George McFetridge - piano
    Richard Centalonza - baritone saxophone
    Eric Culver, Alan Kaplan - trombone
    William Reichenbach - Bass Trombone
    Greg Hopkins - trumpet, arranger
    Lin Biviano, John DeFlon, Wayne Naus - Trumpet
    Buddy Rich - drums


    Janet DeMatteis - art direction
    Griffin Norman - design
    Jim Crotty - engineer
    Chuck Stewart - photography
    Pete Spargo - producer
    James Nichols - reissue producer

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