Thad Jones with The Danish Radio Big Band and Eclipse

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Audio Format.........: Lossless
Ripper...............: N/A - Lossless Webstream Rip with Cool Edit
Encoder..............: .wav > .flac using dBpoweramp
Hz...................: 48,000
Channels.............: Stereo
Source...............: Tidal Music Service

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                                 Release Notes
I was tickled pink to find this one on Tidal just now.  We probably would not 
have a lot of later years big band material, had it not been for this guy.  He 
certainly carried the torch long after its heyday, not even counting all those 
works he did with Mel Lewis.  He also kept the Basie Orchestra playing several 
years after his former boss had passed on. 

Thad Jones was very well known in his adopted Denmark, where he moved in his 
later years along with a few other ex patriots in his band.  He took over 
leadership of their radio players and turned the organization into one of the 
finest big bands in the world.  There's plenty evidence of that on the first 
CD.  Second CD is tracks with his own Danish lineup, Eclipse.  These are live 
studio and small club settings from the late 70's, and the sound is quite good 
on them overall.  I'd give them four stars each, but I'm partial to Basie and 
the Jones/Mel Lewis stuff anyway.  Enjoy it if you grab it.  

This originated from a CD quality webstream rip from a Tidal music service 
subscription of mine.  Rip was done using an Asus Xonar DG sound card.  Wave 
editor was Cool Edit Pro using 48k/floating 32 bit settings.  It was then 
converted down to 24 bit using DbPowerAmp, then converted to flac files. (For 
those of you in the .mp3 binaries, I compressed it further to 320 kb/s with 
DbPowerAmp using Lame encoder.)  

Because of the lack of .log and .cue files it probably won't be something a 
hard core collector wants.  But it's plenty good enough for the average 
listener. In terms of sound quality, I see no reason why it should be 
distinguishable from your garden variety CD.  Tracks are tagged and I put some 
info in the comments section about the source and .wav gathering, just to keep 
the digital gene pool organized.  


CD 1: The Danish Radio Big Band with Benny Rosenfeld, Palle Bolvig, Idrees 
Sulieman, Allan Botschinsky, Perry Knudsen (tp), Vincent Nilsson, Erling Kroner 
(tb), Richard Boone (tb & vo), Ole Kurt Jensen (b-tb), Alex Windfeld (b-tb & 
tuba), Jesper Thilo (ss,as & flute), Per Carsten Petersen (ss, as & flute), 
Flemming Madsen (bs,bcl & cl), Ole Kock Hansen (p & rhodes), Bo SylvΘn (gui), 
Neils-Henning ╪rsted Pedersen (b & el-b), Bjarne Rostvold (dr), Ethan Weisgard 
(congas & perc.) and Thad Jones (co & leader)

CD 2: The Eclipse Big Band with Erik Tschentscher, Tim hagans, Lars Togeby, 
Egon Petersen, Jan Glµsel (tp), Ture Larsen, Axel Windfeld, Bjarne Thanning , 
Niels Neergard, Palle Jensen, Bill Beecroft, Jens Engel, Richard boone (tb), 
Ole Th°ger Nielsen, Jorgen Nilsson, Michael Hove, Bent Jµdig, Sahib Shihab, 
Jesper Nehammer (sax), Horace Parlan (p), Nicolai Gromin (g), Jesper Lundgaard 
(b), Ed Thigpen, Bjarne Rostvold (dr), Emmanuel Khaliq Rahim (congas). Not all 
personnel are featured on all tracks, see cd sleeve for details.  

Recording dates:

CD 1 is a radio broadcast live from the Montmartre club with the The Danish 
Radio Big Band recorded March 21 & 22, 1978 

CD 2 is recorded live at the Slukefter Club, Tivoli, September 15 & 16, 1980 
and a studio recording recorded September 17 & 18, 1979.

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