Milt Jackson - Plenty, Plenty Soul (1957)

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Think I might have posted a little out of order with Milt's stuff.  Wikipedia 
says this one was the first he did for Atlantic.  (Was thinking it was Bags & 
Flutes, but wrong answer.  Oh well.)  Atlantic obviously rolled out the welcome 
mat for Bags on this one and allowed him a juicy budget.  This is one he 
recorded a few months before Bags & Flutes and it has a very, very deep bench. 
Four and a half stars on Allmusic.com.

Between his contracts with Savoy and Atlantic - plus his work with The Modern 
Jazz Quartet - Jackson was quite a busy guy in the 50's, spitting out several 
albums out a year.   Many of the big name jazz artists back then would do that. 
 Not sure if that was money sqeezing by the record companies or if it was pure 
artistical expression on overdrive.  Generations afterward have been grateful 
for it, whatever the reason. This is another one of those supposedly high 
definition feeds that Tidal Streaming Service has on some releases.  I can't 
tell much difference with them, but my ears are old.  Maybe you can. 

This originated from a lossless audio stream rip from a Tidal music service 
subscription of mine.  Rip was done using an Asus Xonar DG sound card.  Wave 
editor was Cool Edit Pro using 48k/floating 32 bit settings.  It was then 
converted down to 24 bit using DbPowerAmp, then converted to flac files. The 
only changes done were the total silencing of any random system noise between 
tracks. (For those of you in the .mp3 binaries, I compressed it further to 320 
kb/s with DbPowerAmp using Lame encoder.)  Track timings will approximate that 
of the original release but are by no means exact to the second.  

Because of the lack of .log and .cue files it probably won't be something a 
hard core collector wants.  But it's plenty good enough for the average 
listener. In terms of sound quality, I see no reason why it should be 
distinguishable from your garden variety CD.  Tracks are tagged and I put some 
info in the comments section about the source and .wav gathering, just to keep 
the digital gene pool organized.  If possible I'll try to find some artwork off 
the web to include with it.

Here is the Wiki on it:

Released	1957
Recorded	January 5 & 7, 1957
Genre	Jazz
Length	41:27
Label	Atlantic
Producer	Nesuhi Ertegun

Track listing

    All compositions by Milt Jackson except as indicated

    "Plenty, Plenty Soul" (Milt Jackson, Quincy Jones) - 9:33
    "Boogity Boogity" (Jones) - 4:55
    "Heartstrings" - 4:53
    "Sermonette" (Cannonball Adderley) - 5:23
    "The Spirit-Feel" - 4:22
    "Ignunt Oil" - 5:35
    "Blues at Twilight" (Jones) - 6:46

        Recorded in New York City on January 5 (tracks 4û7) and January 7 
(tracks 1û3), 1957


    Milt Jackson û vibes
    Joe Newman - trumpet
    Jimmy Cleveland - trombone (tracks 1û3)
    Cannonball Adderley - alto saxophone (tracks 1û3)
    Frank Foster (tracks 1û3), Lucky Thompson (tracks 4û7) - tenor saxophone
    Sahib Shihab - baritone saxophone (tracks 1û3)
    Horace Silver - piano
    Percy Heath (tracks 1û3), Oscar Pettiford (tracks 4û7) - bass
    Art Blakey (tracks 1û3), Connie Kay (tracks 4ûû7) û drums
    Quincy Jones - arranger (tracks 1û3)

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