1957 - The Prestige All Stars - All Day Long

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                                 Release Notes
One more old Kenny Burrell LP for you here.  This one was credited to The 
Prestige All Stars back in the day.  Over the years Byrd and (especially) 
Burrell seemed to have garnered most of the fame from it. Notwithstanding, it's 
a real team effort -- even though it's pretty typical of many ensemble pieces 
of the period.

It's been posted before here, and actually not too many years back.  Sadly, the 
shelf life of releases isn't what it used to be in the binaries (despite 
whatever retention rate your Usenet server's ads claim.)  I'll post it again 
just in case you're having trouble getting it.  The last track is a CD bonus 
which didn't appear on the original release.

This originated from a lossless audio stream rip from a Tidal music service 
subscription of mine.  The stream was CD quality, according to Tidal service.  
Rip was done using an Asus Xonar DG sound card.  Wave editor was Cool Edit Pro 
using 48k/floating 32 bit settings.  It was then converted down to 24 bit using 
DbPowerAmp, then converted to flac files. The only changes done were the total 
silencing of any random system noise between tracks.  It'll sound clean and 
hopefully indistinguishable from a CD.  Track timings will approximate that of 
the original release but are by no means exact to the second.   

My way of paying it forward after years and years of leeching binaries. Enjoy 
it if you grab it - mm

Here's the Wiki on it:

Released	April 1957
Recorded	January 4, 1957
Studio	Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack
Length	45:35
Label	Prestige PRLP 7081
Producer	Bob Weinstock

All Day Long is a jazz album by guitarist Kenny Burrell released in 1957 under 
Prestige label, although it is nominally credited to the "Prestige All-Stars".  
This was one of the first albums in which Burrell was presented as a leader. 
It's characterized by up tempo pieces, all of which were composed by the 
members of the band.

Side A of the LP only included the blues "All Day Long" described by Dan 
Morgenstern as "A simple but effective structure" that "controls the 
performance and keeps it solidly together: each soloist enters with a break, 
plays 12 bars, and then breaks again before extemporizing at great length". Ira 
Gitler in the original liner notes points out that theme "A.T" is dedicated by 
Frank Foster to Art Taylor (hence the initials); "Say Listen" "derives its name 
from the attention calling phrase that (Byrd) often verbally employed".

Track listing:

No.	Title	Length
1.	"All Day Long" (Burrell)	18:18
2.	"Slim Jim" (Byrd)	7:28
3.	"Say Listen" (Byrd)	6:41
4.	"A.T." (Foster)	6:40
5.	"C.P.W." (Foster)	5:54


    Kenny Burrell - guitar
    Donald Byrd û trumpet
    Frank Foster û tenor sax
    Tommy Flanagan û piano
    Doug Watkins û bass
    Arthur Taylor û drums

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